Wheel of words

Lamine_diak02022/12/23 20:50
Wheel of words

In support of life.

The echoes of the world blows so hard.
I was told the world is cold but full with glee
We explore to know one and all.
Filled with sizzling unicorns, everyone
Wants a soft life.
Some say they've been gallowed by the world

Some Memories are 'Forgotten pages'
It hurts the ones we made Memories with
Becomes Memories.
Our mouths gaged but not gag from confessing
Life is a perpetual bloom
White bullury but fresh
Hmm interesting

The world as made you feel crumb
And also some crumbles
I want you to live free
I want you to live free
Forget what's to be forgotten
Lose the knots off the heart
Let it be free
Let it be free
I want you to live free
The arrow is free when realised
A bird will forever be a free minion


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