You don't love me


I always end up on the losing end of the story

You don't love me

Why do I always have

to be the one who will

understand you and

always be considerate

of you

Do you really love

me, it can be answered

by a yes or no, you

can even explain it

to me

You can even false

pretend that you do

but all alone we know

that you don't, you are

just using me

To satisfy your

thirst for love, to

prove that you can

be love, to prove

that you are someone

And that I am nothing

I am stupid, helpless,

dumb and reckless,

while you all alone

are the best

Thank you for making

me realize that you

are a shit, a witch, an

inconsiderate person

thank you


Dec 19, 2022


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