An angel in disguise


Sometimes the devil will come and disguise as an angel, and we will fall for their beauty and in the end will just be hurt

An angel in disguise

I am trying to put

in my mind that you

are different, you

are a cut above the


But as time flies

by, I am proving

myself wrong that

you are like the

others selfish

Always thinking

only of yourself

not being able to

be considerate, to

be kind and respectful

Why did I love you

in the first place, I

didn't even considered

the character that

you have

I just notice your

beauty, without taking

into account your

attitude, character that

is all hidden

All being mask

by your angelic face

when all along you

are a devil in disguise

I have fallen for you

A dumb and ignorant

me, now I end up with

nothing, all alone and



Dec 17, 2022


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