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To my babygirl
Look mommy is a mess right now
That doesn't mean I don't love you
Mommy is having breakdowns right now
That doesn't mean I'm not down to ride for you right now
Babygirl I wish I was better
I wish I could do better
I don't want this life for you
I don't want you to live like I do
I want you to be happy
I don't want to see you cry
I don't wanna see down
I don't wanna see you hurt
Mommy is fighting these demons
Everyday babygirl
Sometimes I wanna give up
But your face says don't give in
I'll keep trying
Mommy will keep fighting
Even if I have to do it alone
I know you don't understand now
But someday I will explain
That mommy wasn't well enough to hold you
Or love you
Or give you what you needed to keep you safe and fed
This was never the plan
I wanted the world for you
I wanted you to have everything
But right now mommy is flat out and broken
I'll never stop loving you babygirl
Mommy will never stop

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