Lil pelz2022/12/02 07:43


To me life do not have an exact definition

And at the same time life is not balanced

Some are rich, some are poor, some are dead, some are alive, some can eat, some can not eat, some have food, some do not have food, some have a job, some do not have a job, some are black some are white, some are wicked some are Good, some are Christian's some are Muslims.

If life is balanced everybody must be equal

If you are rich, then I must also be a rich boy

But if life is balanced life will not be interesting

If we are all rich, then money will have no value, nobody will want to work, because they are


A man bearing the name Richard doesn't mean he will be rich

For every man on earth have a purpose

And the poor man who is poor

And the rich man who is rich

If a poor man continue begging he will spend money but can never be rich

Let the poor go outside to get a job, for if they do work hard they will be rich

If the rich do not give to the poor he will one day end up poor

Nobody is taking anything to heaven

For a rich man is like a door

If closed nothing can enter or come out through it

But if opened something can come out through the door and at the same time come in through the door


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