Black panther 2 waiting almost over

Rage wilson2022/10/25 17:58
Black panther 2 waiting almost over

In honour of Chadwick boseman aka black panther

Finally the wait for the legendary movie black panther 2 is almost over, the first movie black panther 1 which premiered in Los Angeles on January 29/2018 and was released theatrically on February 16/2018 as part of phase three of mcu proved to be a major hit, earning numerous awards and notably becoming the first super hero movie to receive a best picture nomination, led by the king of wakanda aka T'challa who sadly passed way on August 8/2020 after battling colon cancer for a few years, although his death shook the mcu universe and the world at large and even left the production of black panther 2 in uncertain waters as the role left by Chadwick boseman as both an actor and a friend cannot be filled.

The mcu universe have agreed collectively not to recast the his character in tribute to our wakandian king and though his presence will be greatly felt, the mcu officials and entire production crew and cast have assured us that black panther 2 will in every way be worth the wait.


#black panther day

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