The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 10 - Chapter 9

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

I didn't quite understand how a rotary phone could ring without electricity!

But a self-opening door could be explained logically and rationally.

It was perhaps a light breeze that had opened the room door, which was not completely closed.

This used to be a reasonable and normal solution.

It occurred to me to quickly check my guess.

Of course, I could also turn around, ignore this irritating situation and focus on that barred wooden door.

Since I assumed anyway that it was the room of the demon Ace Black.

Lost in thought, I didn't even notice that I was already moving towards the open door.

Something was clearly wrong in this "closed" department.

A tiny part of my mind was trying to tell me again: get out of this spooky place and never set foot in this psychiatric ward again!

However, my curiosity and stubbornness completely stood in my way.

Just before I found that "damn" patient room number 13, I couldn't just give up because I was scared for a moment.

Something like that was out of the question for me.

So I'm just going to take a quick look at what opened that rotten wooden door and then get to my actual destination.

Taking a deep breath, I briefly shone my flashlight on the small wooden sign by the door.

Unfortunately, I couldn't recognize anything, neither the name nor the room number.

So my complete attention was focused on the black, dark gap.

With my phone in hand, recording the whole time, and flashlight blazing brightly, I was ready to enter this room.

Very slowly, I push the door open a little further with my right foot.

It creaked and squeaked loudly.

When it was wide enough open, I went straight into the patient's room.

After 3 or 4 steps I stopped and looked around carefully.

The room was extremely small and rectangular in plan.

Many clearly did not fit in.

A tiny bed made of metal with a very thin mattress, which was rotting away with dried, caked blood.

Next to it was a half-ruined and completely rotten wooden stool, which apparently once served as a bedside table.

A narrow, single-door wardrobe faced the metal bed, on my right.

It's dark wooden door was open and was only hanging on one hinge.

The shelves were ripped out, these lay demolished and splintered on the dirty floor, completely taxed.

The walls were completely spattered with dark red, almost black blood.

I immediately noticed that there was no window!

So it hadn't been a draft.

However, a fresh breeze would be really beneficial with the disgusting stench.

As if a dead animal would decompose in this room!

Unsure, I shone a light under the bed, just to be sure.

Unexpectedly, my flashlight started flickering madly.

I shook it slightly automatically, maybe that will help it work again.

However, the flashlight went out completely.