The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 9 - Chapter 8

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

I stopped immediately, took a deep breath, and shone my flashlight on the wooden nameplates on the doors.

As in all the other corridors of this asylum, the patients' rooms were regularly spaced across from me and on either side of me.

I quickly realized that this hallway was definitely shorter than the others I had searched unsuccessfully.

At the end of this hallway, I noticed a wooden door with an iron gate in front of it.

That was the only door that was so special and unusual.

So I assumed it was patient room number 13 -Ace Black's room-!

A tiny spark of hope rose in me that I might have found my goal.

After all, the devil was extremely dangerous to patients and the staff had to take special safety precautions.

At least for me that was a logical explanation for the extra attached iron gate!

So I took a deep breath, focused on this door with an attentive gaze and carefully walked towards it.

Meanwhile, I turned on the recording function of my cell phone, which I had switched off in between.

The only things that broke the eerie silence were even my breathing and the rustling, cracking, and crunching of paper, broken glass, and other debris under the soles of my shoes.

After a few steps I stood in front of the barred room door, prepared for anything.

Taking a deep breath, I reached out for the doorknob with my right hand.

Suddenly I heard a squeaking and creaking noise right behind me!

I jumped in shock and turned around immediately.

I pointed my flashlight in the direction the noise was coming from.

In the bright light I recognized a slightly open room door.

This was not even 5 meters away from me, on the right side of the aisle.

It just opens a tiny crack.

However, all the doors I had passed were closed.

I wasn't quite sure anymore, though, because I hadn't paid much attention to it.

Frozen, I looked at the dark gap, which seemed to swallow the bright light from my flashlight.

I found this situation quite strange and somehow creepy.

My thoughts automatically wandered to the yellowed telephone on the dusty information desk.

My muscles slowly began to tremble from the tension.

Cold beads of sweat formed on my forehead. cold sweat!

I struggled to regain control of my body and shake off this senseless fear.

Slowly regulate my frantic breathing and calm my racing heart.

I forced my body to stop those unnerving tremors.

I breathed in and out slowly and deeply several times.

My foggy mind started working properly again after a few breathing exercises.

After a short time I could concentrate better.