The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 8 - Chapter 7

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

I swallowed the imaginary lump that had formed in my throat and inhaled shakily.

Even if only a few minutes had passed, it seemed to me as if time had almost stopped.

I suddenly turned to the phone, which was not even 4 meters away from me.

I stared at it petrified and had no idea what to do next!?

"RING... RING... RING... RING...!"

The constant, shrill ringing almost hurt my ears.

Like it's screaming at me to finally pick up the damn phone!

As if in a trance, I slowly moved toward it.

I hesitantly stretched out my right hand for the dusty, yellowed telephone receiver.

My fingertips were about to touch him.

I frantically searched for a logical explanation for this.

My head, however, was completely confused and jumbled.

I have always been extremely curious and therefore sometimes quite reckless.

So I took a deep breath and pushed all doubts aside.

Determined to find out what this was all about, I picked up the phone.

Exactly at that moment the unpleasant, shrill ringing stopped abruptly and silence returned.

For a moment I didn't move any further, didn't even dare.

My body was frozen.

It was completely silent, frighteningly silent.

I had an uneasy feeling, like it was the so-called calm before the storm!

I was confused and shocked at the same time by the situation.

At that moment I couldn't find any logical explanation!

My thoughts were paralyzed and a storm of emotions raged inside me.

I closed my eyes briefly and took controlled, deep breaths in and out several times.

After I had calmed down a bit, I slowly opened them again.

I tried to repress this frightening and frightening experience first.

Now I really didn't want to think about it!

I quickly turned my back on the spooky phone and completely turned away from the small reception area.

With every step I took away from it, the strange and oppressive feeling in me passed.

I rushed to the junction of the corridor to search the last corridor.

My exhaustion was forgotten.

I concentrated on looking for Ace Black's room.

After that I just wanted to get out of this "damn" psychiatric hospital!

This corridor looked even more disturbing than the entire building.

Dirt, dust, demolished and destroyed furniture, fixtures and fittings were broken and scattered everywhere.

There were fist-sized holes in the walls and countless blood-soaked rags of clothing were found in the chaos.

Scattered among the junk and rubble were disassembled patient files, faded pictures, notes and other documents, as well as various medical equipment.

Impossible to overlook or even ignore were the masses of dark red and dried blood.

It was everywhere no matter where I looked!