The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 6 - Chapter 5

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

Finally I stood in front of the "closed" department.

The time has now come!

Before I opened the old, shabby wooden door, however, I turned on the recording function of my cell phone and took a deep breath.

First, I clearly showed the door with the sign: "closed" department number 7, while explaining my intention.

From now on there was no turning back!

I carefully opened the rotten wooden door.

It creaked open and revealed another long corridor.

As soon as I crossed the threshold and walked a few steps, the wooden door slammed loudly behind me.

I automatically winced, startled.

However, I quickly calmed down and took another deep breath.

Something like that could happen in an old, abandoned and bland building.

I carefully scanned the corridor with my flashlight.

I didn't expect what I saw at all!

Even now I feel queasy.

My inner instinct urged me to leave this place behind and get out of here as soon as possible!

Yes, I forced myself to suppress this impulse and tried to concentrate on my actual goal.

I ignored the masses of dark red, dried blood spatters on the walls and the many pools of blood all over the floor as best I could.

It was incredibly difficult for me to go further and look for Ace Black's room.

The sight was disturbing and disgusting!

There were huge pools of blood everywhere.

Everything was stained with it.

Big, fat bloodstains could be seen on all objects that were scattered around and even on the ceiling.

In some places the yellowed and filthy wallpaper was already peeling off.

I focused on my path and kept walking attentively.

Meanwhile, I filmed the area and took a close look at the small wooden license plates next to the room doors.

It might sound silly, but somehow I felt better with my phone in my hand.

Other than the shocking amount of blood, I hadn't seen anything ghostly or demonic.

After some time and unsuccessfully wandering around the corridors of the "closed" department, I again stood at a junction.

I just chose the left gear. psychiatry was a lot bigger and more confusing than I thought.

I didn't get very far.

There I was again at another small information area for nurses and doctors.

You could say that in earlier times it was friendly, bright and cosy.

Now the reception desk was covered in a thick layer of dust and was quite battered in places.

The only thing left on the cracked wooden shelf was a dirty, ancient rotary phone.

Even the power cable from the device was severed and now dangled uselessly from the information desk.

I stayed there, slightly exhausted, because a little breather was doing me good at the moment.

so i just put my flashlight down on the dirty counter and stopped recording my phone.

I took the full water bottle out of my backpack and drank half the bottle straight away.

After my thirst was quenched, I repacked my drink.

I had lost my appetite the moment I entered the psychiatric ward.