The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 5 - Chapter 4

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

Files are scattered around, the furniture is rotting, lamps, interior windows and mirrors have been smashed.

It was pure chaos!

I had to watch where I stepped to avoid tripping over broken wood or other inventory.

There was a musty, musty, stuffy smell in the air.

Uncomfortable, but bearable.

Crossing the entrance hall and reception area, I relaxedly walked down a long corridor towards the west wing.

My goal is: the "closed" department number 7!

However, this was on the 3rd floor of the west wing. It was said to "spit" particularly hard there.

Some young people talked about self-propelled elevators, flashlights and mobile phones that suddenly stopped working, whispering voices and squeaking doors, there was a lot in their stories.

There have also been reports of sightings of the devil's patient -Ace Black- or other demonic and ghostly activity!

Many "supernatural" scientists had visited this psychiatric hospital and allegedly found heaps of evidence for the existence of ghosts or paranormal beings.

They had recorded these unusual "activities" with some strange measuring and sounding devices.

In my opinion, this was total nonsense by superstitious and naive people.

These are all just made-up horror stories meant to scare people and keep little kids out of there.

This brings me to the point of why I came to the "damn" insane asylum in the first place.

I want to go to the room of the insane devil patient: Ace Black!

No one had entered this room - number 13 - since the heinous massacre.

Everyone avoids him and is terrified of him, even the dorks from my high school.

However, I was not so afraid of a few horror stories about an old, dilapidated building.

Especially since at the moment I am completely alone and in the evening, in the dark, walking through said building, in which masses of people have found a cruel and agonizing death!

Sadness and pity were the only feelings I felt at the moment.

However, I try not to think about the horrific events and innocent victims.

With a clear head, I focused on my surroundings again.

In the corridor, which I was already walking along, were the first patient rooms.

The doors were always at the same distance next to and opposite each other.

I didn't want to take a close look at psychiatry as a whole either.

There were too many rooms and more time than necessary, I don't want to spend in this building either.

So I didn't pay any more attention to the doors to the right and left of me, but instead I ran towards the stairwell at the end of the corridor.

Convenient if all areas were signposted.

I pushed open the slightly demolished wooden door with a creak and, after checking the signage again, went up the stairs on the left.

The steps were grey, dreary stone with slight cracks.

Nevertheless, they looked relatively well preserved.

These will carry my weight.

One less worry I had to worry about in terms of hygiene.

Quickly, but carefully, I climb the stairs to the 3rd floor.