The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 4 - Chapter 3

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

Between densely grown trees, shrubs and bushes, as well as towering and wildly growing ferns, nettles and scrub, I clearly recognized the walls of a building.

I stopped automatically and simply leaned my mountain bike against a tree near me.

Nobody steals!

With my flashlight in my right hand, I completely illuminated the area.

What I saw made me feel oppressive and uncomfortable.

An imposing, huge stone building towered in front of me.

It had 3 floors with a west and east wing, much like some other normal hospitals.

What was disturbing was the depressing state of the entire complex.

On the ground floor there were iron bars in front of the windows, like in a prison.

On the upper floors they were barricaded with wooden planks, which didn't let a crack of light in or out.

The facade of the building was sprayed with different graffiti.

However, in some places they are almost completely covered by various climbing plants.

During the day you wouldn't really feel comfortable here.

But at night this place had an eerie, almost ghostly atmosphere.

Now that I can see the gloomy and run-down psychiatric ward with my own eyes, I could even seriously believe all the scary stories right now.

Luckily I'm a realist and skeptical about supernatural things.

I'm definitely not a naive dumbass who believes any nonsense.

Just thinking about ghosts and demons makes me smile and shake my head.

Just completely absurd!

Without hesitation, I walk towards the front door of the psychiatric ward.

As expected, this was completed.

Locked with an iron metal chain and a massive padlock.

In the front door itself there was once a relatively large, rectangular piece of ornamental glass.

Of course it was smashed in by some youngsters who were here before me and thus completely destroyed.

However, this is also my way to get into the building.

I carefully step over the sharp, broken glass and weave my way through the narrow hole unharmed.

Inside it was pitch black.

Only through the bright light of my flashlight was I able to see the large reception hall in which I was now standing.

Here it was devastated, dirty and dusty.

It seemed as if the people had dropped everything trying to escape.

Hoping to save her life. But no one has ever escaped from this place!