The Mythos Ace Black

Chapter 3 - Chapter 2

Shira Lee2022/09/30 19:23

As an absolute test of courage, some students from my high school went to this psychiatric facility and got into the old building.

Of course, these idiots also took photos as evidence, which they proudly present to everyone at the school.

For this they are celebrated and admired as if these idiots were the latest heroes.

Because none of the adults and old people dare even go near the place.

They're afraid of it, and they're adamant that psychiatry is cursed!

I don't believe in ghosts, demons and other supernatural creatures.

Everything can be explained logically and rationally.

This mental asylum is just an abandoned place that is harmless and non-paranormal.

For this reason, I will go to the "damn" psychiatric hospital alone.

Then, on a Saturday afternoon, the time had come.

I put on old, dark clothes, which can easily get dirty.

I tied my long, wavy, dark brown hair in a high ponytail, which was more practical for my purpose.

Of course I took my backpack with me.

In these I packed a full water bottle, snacks, tissues and a flashlight with a fully charged battery.

I quickly put my phone in my pocket and left my house.

I didn't have to say goodbye to my parents because both were still working.

I got my mountain bike out of the garage and set off with it.

Through the forest, on remote paths, it took quite a long time until I finally arrived at the site.

In the meantime it was already after 7 p.m. in the evening and already dark in November.

I took my flashlight out of my backpack on the way as it began to get dark.

It shone much brighter than the dim light from the bike.

At the moment I was in the middle of the forest, on the property of the insane asylum.

It was almost freezing cold and also unusually calm.

Nothing was heard, no rustling of leaves and cracking of small twigs or sticks, except for me!

I'd say it would be creepy.

However, there was something oddly soothing about the atmosphere.

I hardly made any real progress.

The path was far too densely overgrown.

So I got off my bike and pushed it next to me for the last few meters.

After about 200 meters I could see my destination: the abandoned and supposedly "cursed" mental asylum!