My Boyfriend is My Brother

Section 3 - Chapter 2

Faith Oyoma2022/09/27 00:21

“What was that about” Lucas said to Naomi immediately she left the chancellor’s office.

“Where you waiting for me?” Naomi asked still walking

“I was just passing by” he said.

“Oh, really”

“Fine you got me” he said raising his hands up. “I was just worried that’s all. That office is a death sentence” he said

She stopped in her tracks and Lucas did the same. “He said have been falling my classes and for that some dude will tutor me until my grades go up”

“That’s crazy you are the smartest girl I know and I respect you for that” he said. “Besides why didn’t he ask me to tutor you instead”

“You. really?”She shook her head.

“What, being a play boy doesn’t make me dumb. Am also as smart”

“I guess you are smart. At least you are better than those girls you hook up with” she said and continued walking.

“Yeah” He said with a smile. “Wait” he face turned confused realizing what she meant. She turned to him and winked before running off.

He wanted to run after her but stopped when some girls started approaching him and he began flirting with them.


(Naomi’s Apartment)

Chloe was lying on the bed half naked on the phone talking to Nelson.

“I miss you already” she said swinging her leg.

The door creaked open directing Chloe’s attention. She turned to find Naomi standing by the door

“Oh, Naomi is back.” She said. “Talk to you later, love you” she smiled before hanging the phone.

“Back so soon” she said to Naomi who was now taking off her jacket.

“So soon? It’s already past 4pm and you are saying so soon”

“I didn’t notice” Chloe said with a naughty smile.

“Don’t tell me you guys...”. Naomi asked looking at Chloe who wore a naughty smile. “No, I told you your relationship was to early for this.

“But you were the one who told us to take it inside” Chloe said

“Yes, but I didn’t mean that”

“What did you expect” Chloe said and Naomi her shook her head. “You could have seen him without clothes. He looked more s3xy and...

“Okay” Naomi interrupted “too much information”

Chloe laughed “when you have get yourself a boyfriend you will know what I mean”

“I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon” Naomi said and fell on the bed. “I have bigger problem right now”

“What do you mean? What happened?” Chloe asked lying beside her both facing the ceiling

“Am failing so bad. And now the chancellor gave me a tutor”

“Who is it?” Chloe asked

“That’s the problem. I don’t even know who he is or what is like” she sighed

“Whoever he is am sure my best friend can handle him” Chloe said and held Naomi’s hand.

“I sure hope so”


(Lucas Apartment) At night

Lucas was with his roommate, Freddie who is the second on the list of most handsome and popular student. They were seated in that couch, playing video games with snacks and beers.

“Dude!” Freddie yelled. “How do you keep beating me” he said when he lost again.

“Am just the best in everything” Lucas said with a smirk.

“One more round” Freddie said taking a sip from his beer.

“Whatever, you are no match for me” he said.

Few minutes into the game the door bell rang.

“Who could that be at this hour” Freddie said pausing the game. “I will go check”

He stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door only to find Stacy and Michelle standing in-front of him.

Stacy wore a thigh short black dress, revealing her sexy legs and perfect curves. While MichElle dresses more simple, she wore a black crop top with a bum short. The two girls were both looking very stunning.

“Oh my, oh my” Freddie said rubbing his palm together. “Look what we have here. Come in, come in” he said and the two girls walked in.

“Hey baby girl” Lucas said getting off the chair. He walked towards here examining her body from her legs to her big revealing b00bs. He grinned before glancing over to find MichElle.

“She came for him” Stacy said and Freddie smiled. He went over to MichElle and pulled her close. “See you later then” he said to Lucas before escorting MichElle to his room.

“Where do you want it” Stacy said seductively touching his chest.

Lucas pulled her in for a kiss and they started kissing passionately and roughly. They kissed as he got to his room, slamming the door shut.

Without hesitation, he pushed her on the bed and started pulling his shirt. He got on her and helped her remover her dress. Revealing her brà and pant. He kissed her neck down to her belly button making her moan in pleasure. He unbuckled her brà and her big b00bs bounced on her chest. He smiled at the sight.

He started sucking her pink nîpple and she held his head in place. He went back to her lips devouring it like there is no tomorrow. He got off her and pulled down his shorts revealing his big dïck which was already standing stiff pointing forward.

“Make me scream” she said and he grinned. He pulled her pantîe off throwing it across the room. He opened her legs wide and slowly inserted his dîck. He moved in slowly.

“Yeah baby” she moaned.

he started increasing his pace. Thrusting in and out of her [email protected] She moaned louder holding the bedsheet tighter. She wrapped her leg around his waist responding to the back and forth movement.


She screamed and Lucas interrupted it with a hard kiss which she responded to.

He held her hands down the bed increasing his pace, thrusting faster and faster

“Yes baby” Stacy said digging her nails into his back and moaned. He hissed out a breath through his teeth

Lucas smiled and kissed in between her br3ast

He released his dîck and she started cumming. she sighed

But Lucas hasn’t released yet. He moved her making her one her hand her knees. He smacked her butt and chuckled.

He grabbed his hard dïck and inserted it in her. Making a slapping sound as he moved in her and out of her.

“Beg me to take you” he groaned and kept circling his hips. It felt good but it wasn’t what she wanted.

“Please Lucas, I need you” she groaned desperately. He pulled back and slammed into her again and again.

She threw her head back down moaning.

“Harder” she yelled out. He dug his fingers into her skin some more by her waist and pulled himself into her when she yelled


He smirked, he adjusted and she moaned.

“Yes, right there. Lucas! Yes, yes, yes!” And with one more thrust he removed his dîck and exploded around her.

She fell tirelessly on the bed, panting out of excitement.

He turned her over and opened her legs. He kissed her thigh close to her [email protected] and stopped. He inserted two of his fingers inside her. This made her hôrnier and she moaned.

“Ready for another round” he said and bit her lips


The next morning Chloe and Naomi were walking to their class.

They sighted Freddie coming towards them.

“Hey” Naomi said. “Where is Lucas?”

“He skipped class today” Freddie said.

“Why? Is he is okay?” Naomi asked feelings concern.

Freddie chuckled. “I think he is exhausted from all the hard work he did last night” he said. “Bye...” he waved and left.

“What work could he have done that made him so tired” Naomi asked Chloe.

“You are seriously asking like you don’t know” Chloe said.

“No. I don’t think I know”

Chloe burst out laughing living Naomi confused.

“What’s so funny?”

Chloe looked at her again and laughed some more. Walking towards the class.

“Why is she laughing” Naomi thought to herself. She paused for a second putting two and two together.

“Ohh...” she said. “Eww” she ran towards Chloe who was ahead of her and she pulled her back by the hair.

“Ouch, What was that for” she whimpered.

“Nothing,” She said.


The school bell rang and Naomi with other students exited there classrooms.

A girl walked up to Naomi. “Excuse me” She said. “The chancellor wants you in his office” Naomi nodded and the girl left.

She entered the chancellor’s office.

“You called” she said as she completely stepped in.

Sitting at the corner was a boy with light blue eyes and dark hair. He look on his face says he was surprised to see her.

“Yes miss Robert” he said. “This is Gavin, the one I told you about” he stretched his hand pointing to Gavin. “And Gavin, this is Naomi the girl you will be tutoring”

“Hi” Naomi waved. He just sat there giving her a stern look making Naomi drop her hand in disappointment.

“Now you too know each other. I hope you two can get along” the chancellor said before turning to Naomi. “Your future depends on him now. You both can leave now.”

Naomi and Gavin stood outside his office.

“Nice to meet you Gavin.” Naomi said. “So are you new here?” she asked. Instead of getting a reply he just walked off

She scoffed. “What the h3ll. I can’t believe am stuck with this jerk” she said and stormed off in the opposite direction.