My Boyfriend is My Brother

Section 4 - Chapter 3

Faith Oyoma2022/09/28 10:12

It was break and most students were in the cafeteria.

Naomi and Chloe were sitting together chatting and eating.

Stacy and Michelle were directly behind them.

“How was it with Freddie” Stacy asked.

“He was okay. He is not Lucas but he knew how to turn me on” MichElle said

“You can’t have Lucas. He is mine” Stacy said biting her lips.

“And also every girl he find attractive” Naomi said from her seat.

“Excuse me” Stacy said defensively.

“Oh, sorry I was talking to my friend over her” Naomi pointed to Chloe and they both chuckled.

Stacy rolled her eyes and scoffed.

Just then Gavin walked up to Naomi holding a pile of books and dumped them loudly on her table.

“Study all of these before next week” he said with a neutral expression.

“I thought you are suppose to tutor me?” She asked.

“That’s what am doing” he said. “Make sure you learn everything here before next week”

“How do expect me to learn all this junk before next week?” She said scanning through one of the book. She dropped it on the table and turned to him

“Figure it out” he said and left.

She Cursed him under her breathe as he walked off.

“Is that your tutor” Chloe asked.

“Am afraid so” Naomi replied.

“What’s his name?”


“He is cute though” Chloe said and Naomi turned to her. “If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I would have made a move on him”

“I don’t think people like him have any emotions or knows what love is all about”

“You mean people like you” Chloe chuckled.

“Excuse you” Naomi said. “I have emotions. I just haven’t find the right person or am not interested in finding the right person”

“You see” Chloe said. “That’s exactly what am talking about” she said pointing her spoon at Naomi

Naomi pushed the spoon back to Chloe’s mouth “just shut up” she said

Girls started screaming and whispering.

👥 he is so hot

👥 was God picking favorites when he made him

👥 I love you Lucas!

“Why do girls have to be so dumb” Naomi said

“What, it’s not like they are wrong” Chloe said. “I mean look at him”

Stacy adjusted herself with a smile when she say Lucas coming towards her but he just walked past her and sat with Naomi.

“What the..” Stacy frowned.

“I thought you weren’t coming today” Naomi asked

“I thought I wasn’t” Lucas said. “But who knew being alone could be so depressing” He said and they laughed

A hand was wrapped around Lucas and a kissed placed on his neck

“Hey babe, did you miss me” Stacy said.

“Babe?” Naomi and Chloe said simultaneously.

“Not now am with my friends” he said shoving her hands off

“So you choose this losers over me” she whispered close to his ear.

“Who is she calling losers” Chloe said

Stacy leaned closer trying to kiss him but he moved back. “I said am not in the mood” he half yelled.

Stacy pulled back “seriously” she said. She glared at Naomi and walked out the cafeteria with MichElle following her from behind.

“That’s no way to talk to your girlfriend” Chloe teased.

“She’s not and can never be my girlfriend” he scoffed. “She’s just a s3x toy”

“I may not like Stacy that much but I find what you just said very offensive” Naomi said. “I mean even if you just use her to get under her legs, you don’t have to say it like that”

“I think she has a point” Chloe said. “if Nelson said something like that to me I will be very devastated”

“Fine!” lucas said. “I have heard enough scolding from you guys. I will mind what I say about girls from now one. Happy?” He asked

“Not really” Naomi said

“What do you mean?” Lucas asked leaning back on his seat.

“Am really hungry and I don’t enjoy the food severed here. So why don’t you take us out on a treat and maybe it can make up for this.”

“Maybe?” Lucas repeated raising a brow.

“Okay we will be completely settled” she smiled

“Deal, let’s go” he said and stood up. They followed him from behind.

They followed him still they got to his car.

Stacy and MichElle watched them from a window of an empty classroom.

“That b!tch” Stacy snapped. “I wonder what he sees in her”

“I think they are just friends and some say they have known each other for a long time even before college”

“No” Stacy shook her head. “Something is going on between them. Something I need to find out and you are going to help me” she said frowning as she watched them drive off.


I will have the lobster rolls and...” Naomi said scrolling through the menu. “No, I will take roasted beef with vegetables, grilled beef steak with corn on the cob. Oh, the clam chowder and...”

“Are you going to eat all that” Lucas spoke.

She turned to him. “Yeah” she says. Then returned her gaze back to the menu. “It’s not like am paying for it” she mumbled and Lucas scoffed. “And a glass of lemon juice” she said and dropped the menu.

“And what would you like” the waitress said to Chloe

“I will have rice with chorizo and shrimps” Chloe said

“Would you like any drink with that?” The waitress asked Chloe again

“Coffee is fine” she replied.

“And you sir what would you like?” She asked Lucas.

“I will have what she has” he said pointing to Chloe “no coffee. I will have the melon patch” he said and winked at the waitress. She blushed a little and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Naomi rolled her eyes.

“I will be back with your orders” she smiled shyly and left.

“What was that all about?” Naomi said “you don’t really have to flirt with every girl you see”

“It’s not my fault am blessed with this much beauty” Lucas said grinning.

“Oh, please” she said looking the window.

“You know you are the only girl who always resisted my charms. Ever since we were kids” Lucas said.

“I guess I never saw it to begin with” she said giving him a fake smile before leaning back.

Lucas sticked his tongue out and Naomi did the same.

Chloe giggled. “You guys fight like siblings” she said.

“Yeah and am the one with the good looks” Lucas smirked.

“You wish, am way cuter than you” she held her cheek.

“You will be if you wear more makeup and get rid of those rags” Lucas said.

“Hey! What wrong with my clothes” she said

“Why not start by dressing more like a girl not tomboy” he said. “Like your friend her. Who is more attractive”

“You think am attractive” Chloe said with dreamy eyes. Until I hand smacked the back of her head.

“Snap out of it” Naomi said before Chloe could react the waitress came with there meals and served it.

“Enjoy you food” she said and walked off

After some minutes, they were half way through their food.

“This is so good” Naomi said biting the steak.

“Are you sure you can finish all that?” Chloe asked.

“Sure I can” Naomi said. “I need all these since am going to be stuck studying all week” she said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about Gavin” Chloe said finally getting Lucas attention.

“Who is Gavin?” He asked

“Naomi’s really cute tutor” Chloe said.

“You mean cute jerk tutor” Naomi added.

“Ahh... so you admit he is cute” Chloe giggled.

“He is cute so what. He’s still a jerk” she said taking a sip from her drink.

“Whoever he is. If he messes with you don’t hesitate to tell me” Lucas said.

“And then what? You gonna fûck him” Naomi said and Chloe laughed.

“You’re such a pain” he said glaring at Naomi who didn’t seem to care.


(Naomi’s Apartment)

Very late that night. Chloe was sleeping soundly while Naomi sat on her on her bed with piles of books littered everywhere.

“I don’t just get it” she mumbled. She immediately heard a buzz on her cellphone.

“Who could it be” she said before checking the caller ID which said Lucas.

She sighed “what do you want” she answered tiredly

“Sorry, did I wake you” he whispered through the phone.

“No, I still have..” she yawned. “I still have a lot to coverup”

“You sound tired” Lucas said. “Go to bed, you have class tomorrow. I don’t want you looking like a zombie”

She chuckled. “Seriously, when I thought you were being nice” she said. “Why did you call in the first place”

“It’s nothing, see you tomorrow” he said

“Bye” she replied and hung up.

On the other side.

“Bye” Lucas muttered. He threw his phone to the side and sighed as he stared at the ceiling.