My Boyfriend is My Brother

Section 2 - Chapter 1

Faith Oyoma2022/09/22 00:11

Naomi woke up the next morning seeing Chloe still sleeping on the bed with her clothes from yesterday.

“How much did she drink” Naomi said.

She went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She grabbed a bottle of cold water, she gulped half the bottle down. “Ahh...” she sighed wiping her mouth with her hand.

She went into the bathroom to take her bathe. Soon after she came out and got dressed for class.

She headed back to the kitchen, she turned on the cooker and started preparing breakfast.

Minutes later it was ready and she was already seated ready to eat when she heard a groan from the bedroom.

It was Chloe. She walked towards the kitchen where Naomi was sitting almost falling but held a chair and took her sit.

She held her head and placed it on the table.

“My head hurts so bad” she mumbled.

“That’s what you get for drinking too much” Naomi said.she handed her a cup. “Here, this should help with your hangover”

Chloe took the cup and drank the whole thing

“Hmm...that’s the stuff” she said with a smile.

Naomi grabbed a toast, she took a bite, chewed for sometime and swallowed it.

“Where were you last night?” Naomi asked

“There was a crazy party at Lucas place. You should have been there, it was freaking amazing” Chloe said. “Nelson and I had a blast” she gave a flirty smile

“What happened between you and Nelson” Naomi asked raising an eyebrow.

“We has a couple of drinks together” she paused “and we made out” she gave that smile again.

“You guys didn’t...”

“No!” Chloe yelled between a chuckle. And Naomi gave her a suspicious look. “Not yet.” She said

“What will I do with you” Naomi said “just be careful, your relationship is still too early that’s ” Naomi said and gulped down the remaining coffee in her cup. She stood up about to leave. “Are you going” she asked

“I don’t think I can today.” Chloe said “I will skip class today”

“Okay, have fun” Naomi said an headed to the door, shutting it behind.

Outside her dorm, she was parking her hair up into a ponytail and walking when she bumped into someone. She looked up to find Nelson, Chloe’s boyfriend.

“Hey, is Chloe in” he said. “I just came to check up on her since she drank a lot yesterday”

“Yes, she’s in” Naomi said.

“Naomi you forgot your...” Chloe suddenly came out holding Naomi’s phone In her hand “babe, what are you doing here” she said with a smile.

“Can’t a guy look out for his girlfriend” he said with a smirk.

Chloe moved closer to him, her hands round his neck. “That’s so sweet” she said before placing a kiss on his lips. Nelson responded to the kiss passionately and his hands moved round her back.

*cough* Naomi faked a cough which got Chloe’s attention. She stopped kissing Nelson and turned to Naomi. “You forgot you phone” she handed her the phone and immediately Nelson placed another kiss on her lips. This time she forgot about Naomi and continued kissing him more passionately now.

“Why don’t you guys take it inside” Naomi said.

“What do you think” Nelson whispered to Chloe’s ear and She gave a naughty smile.

She dragged him by the collar using one hand and the other to push the door. Nelson smile stupidly as they entered the dorm before closing behind them.

Naomi was left dumbfounded, she scoffed and rolled eyes before she left.


(Faniwad College)

Michelle and Stacy where walking through the hallway

“Lucas party was on fire yesterday” Michelle said

“Yes, I had the best time of my life” Stacy said. “Lucas and I finally had s3x”

“Am so jealous” MichElle said. “How was it?”

“He was so fûcking hard. He had me cumming fast” she said. “I have never felt like that in a long time” she said slowly touching her pûssy

“I wish I was you girl” MichElle said “he is so hot”

Just then girls started screaming and whispering. Stacy and Michelle turned to see Lucas the hottest and most popular guy in school coming towards them. He stopped right in front of Stacy and smirked.

“Hey handsome” Stacy said in a seductive voice. She moved closer to him and placed locked her lips on his. He kissed her back pressing her butt before separating.

“Why don’t we take this to my place tonight” he whispered to her ear before he walked off.

Stacy bit her lips as she watched him leave.

“Your so lucky girl” MichElle said

“I know” Stacy smiled touching her lips with her a finger.


Naomi sat in class as the lecturer spoke. She wasn’t even paying attention to his class, she just kept on playing with her pen until the class was over. Students started leaving immediately the lecture left and she followed.

She got bored since her she was all alone with no one to talk to. After having lunch in the cafeteria. She wanted time alone so she went back to the class hoping to find it empty since it was still break.

She entered the class only to find Lucas the school hottie and a random girl making out almost half naked.

“Seriously” Naomi said. Getting both their attention. Lucas smiled seeing her. He gave the girl one last peck on the lips before he stood up buckling his belt. The girl on the other hand picked up her underwear which was lying elsewhere. She wore it, dressed properly before living the classroom. As she walked, Lucas kept staring at her butt grinning.

The girl got close to Naomi by the door giving her a glare then she turned back. “Bye cutie” she waved and left.

Naomi rolled her eyes.

“Don’t girls know your just a player, yet they keep coming to you” Naomi said to Lucas who was fixing his hair.

“Am just irresistible” he smirked. “And they are just sluts”

He moved closer to Naomi giving her a peck in the cheek. “What’s up” He asked

“Nothing, or maybe because am feeling left out with my two best friends” she said. “I know it’s normal for you but Chloe? Am gonna lose it soon” she said and Lucas chuckled.

“Don’t you have anyone special” he asked

“No, am not interested in dating or being a playgirl”.

Just then the school speaker came on.

“Miss Naomi Robert, please meet me in my office” the announcer said.

“Shoot, gotta go” Naomi said before heading off.


“Sir you called” Naomi said when she entered the chancellor’s office

“Yes, Miss Robert. Take as seat” he said and Naomi sat.

“Miss Robert. You are one of our brightest students” he said “but lately you have been performing poorly and we cannot take such attitude from you”

“Am sorry sir, have just been so occupied lately” she replied. “I promise to do better from now on”

“That won’t do”. He said. “From now on you will be appointed a tutor who is also a student in this school and a very bright one at that. He will tutor you on classes you her failing”


“This is for your own good miss Robert, there must be no excuse and after his classes I must see improvement in your grades. Do you understand?” he said.

“Yes sir” gulped hard