My Boyfriend is My Brother

Section 1 - Prologue

Faith Oyoma2022/09/22 00:02


Naomi sat on her bed alone in her room dialing her dads number who doesn’t seem to be picking her calls.

After trying for the fifth time she threw her phone across the room not caring were it landed. She picked up her jacket and stormed off closing the door shut behind her.

She got on her motorbike and zoomed off not caring it was already late at night.

(An hour later)

Her dad, Mr Robert walked in the police station to see Naomi sitting in a Conner with her arms folded and her face turned to the opposite side. She didn’t even care that he was there.

He sighed and sat next to her. In front of them was a policeman who wasn’t looking happy himself.

“It’s a good thing you came on time” he said and Mr Robert nodded.

“What did she do this time” he asked.

“She was caught overspeeding again and this time she almost hit a car. Luckily the driver was a skilled one, he was able to dodge her and she hit a tree instead” the policeman said

“Am sorry for the trouble sir, please it won’t happen again”

“That’s what you said the last time. When she ran the red light” the officer said

“I will pay for what ever damaged she caused and will make sure to keep an eye on her from now on” he said. Naomi scoffed getting both their attentions. The officer sighed and shaked his head.

“Go to the main office to pay her bail” the officer said.

Naomi and her dad stood up and left his office.

“Wait for me in the car” Mr Robert said.

She left without saying a word. Close to the car she bumped into someone.

“Hey, watch it” the stranger said. She ignored him without looking at him as she entered the car.

“What a b!tch” he said and left.

Few minutes after entering the car her father came in and started the car engine.

They drove in complete silence until he got to her dorm.

“Naomi please stay out of trouble” he said but she didn’t reply. “Am sorry for not picking your calls, I was in a meeting.

“I guess you weren’t to busy when I get in trouble” she said.

“Naomi!” He called.

She rolled her eyes as she walked to her dorm.

In her room her roommate Chloe was already in. She was sleeping with her clothes on and smelt like alcohol.

Naomi sighed “I told her not to drink” she pulled her jacket placing it on her bed.

She helped Chloe remove her heels and place her properly on her bed before covering her with a blanket.

She climbed on her bed and searched for her phone. She pulled it out from the corner of their bed luckily for her it wasn’t broken.

She undressed and went into the shower.