Chapter 2 - CHAPTER 2-a fairy

Kilian 042022/09/11 12:10

"Ding"Congratulations to the host for completing the task.

"Ding"[Maybach GLS has been parked at a nearby car pack (plate number [AAA 42ND])

"Ding"(one million dollars has been remitted into your account number ending 4205)

"Ding"car key and purchase documents has been placed in the system inventory.

Looking at the huge amount of money in my bank account and the ownership documents in the system inventory I have a sense of deja Vu.

Zac....Nathan said

what do you do...he ask.

I will been reporting to college on Monday....I said.

oh okay.


an extended Lincoln stop at the road,I swear I thought for a moment that what am seeing isn't real,it was like a fairy came down to earth.

A lady of about 1.68,a very beautiful oval face coupled with the long black hair that almost reach her waist,she was in grey lady suits portraiting the image of the iceberg female president I read of in novels.

She ran anxiously to were I was standing,and I swear to God I can't get my eye off her, she's just too beautiful.

Dad!!!!!!the lady exclaimed!!

I thought I told you stay home until you recover,you make me worry,at least you should have someone with you when going out.,.....she said while checking the old man condition.

did you have an attack? she asked anxiously.

well!!!! I......,..Nathan said.

I had a attack thanks to this young man he help me while passing by...he continues

Hey....Zac....I someone call me,that jerk me back to reality.

yes Mr Reele .....I said

this is my only daughter,the only apple of my eye.laura meet Zac Howard,Zac meet Laura Reele.....

hi...I said

hi.....she replied still with a cold face.

thank you for helping my dad!! she said

"Ding"Harem target detected"

Name-Laura Reele


profession-female president of Reele Group

face value-97

special point-98

[special point-target with 10-60 point lead chaotic life's,70-95 has/had a boyfriend or husband,95-above are chaste with blemish]

Hey...have you seen enough....she said with contempt.

well!!!Soo...sorry about my rudeness I was just mesmerized by your beauty ah ah....I said jokingly without minding the sneer behind her words.

Ahh you guys should get it together,Zac I want your contact information I will invite you to dinner once am alright.......Nathan said.

I gave him my contact info while he gave me his business card.

that's the gap between the rich and the poor.

we will be on our way,the Mr Howard....Laura said while helping the old man to the car.

do you mind coming with us,we can drop you wherever you are living.......Laura said

I live nearby,you don't have to worry...I said

come on,Zac.....Nathan said

you don't really have to worry Mr Reele!! I said

I still have to pick my car... I thought.

okay.....since you are bend on declining,you should take care.....he said.

bye then......I said.

hmmpf........Laura snorted.