Chapter 3 - CHAPTER 3--beautiful landlady

Kilian 042022/09/12 15:46

ah ah ah,my car here I come......I said aloud as I approached the car park.

I took the car key from the system inventory,press the start button and vroom,I heard a low Humm coming from a white majestic ride.

looking at the car,I quickly search the internet for the details of the car.

oh holy scrap!!!! it has electric features in it 4.0litr V8 bi- turbo engine, luxurious features consisting a noise insulated interior,optional fold out table with a small refrigerator.my God this is the life of the rich,ah ah.

with that thought in mind I got into the car,and drove out of the parking lot.

the community I lived in can't be described as an outskirt of the city nor call in the city that's why it was name downtown,this is where orphans like me,single parents(especially women),job seekers,part time white collar workers live,it not really a slum nor can be call a town, everyone here mind their business,the aunties in the community take turns cleaning thus making it clean,we don't have a permanent security guard so we all take turns securing the community.

I live in one of the biggest dormitories in the community,the landlady is a returnee from UK,I heard she got a divorce last six month, she's a 32years old tall lady of about 1.7m,a very beautiful captivating face coupled with her slightly brown hair and very white skin,and her big assets gave her the charm of a perfect milf.

sincerely I don't know what came over her ex-husband that he wants a divorce six months after their marriage,with a rich big beauty as a wife I don't think am gonna have anything to worry about.

after parking the car I make my way to my room I heard noises coming from the apartment of the landlady.

Hank,what are you doing here?you should get out,we have nothing to do with each other,you should go your way,you cheater!!!......a female voice said

I won't leave until I have what I want,get me 500000$ and I will be on my way.....an hoarsed male voice said

what!! 500000,what for?the female voice said

divorce fees,Sarah said the male voice

I myself was shocked, although I know the landlady is rich,am sure she won't be able to fork out that amount in a short time.

divorce fees, you're being delusional Hank,get out of here before I call the police......the landlady said dejected her beautiful face wasn't able to hide her tiredness.

as I got closer to inquire about what happened the mechanical voice of the system rings in my head.

"Ding"[harem target detected]

Name-Sarah Nomad



face value-95

special point-90(divorced)

"Ding"System task released.

Task-pretend to be the landlady's boyfriend

Reward--Eye of divinity (skill)


ah ah,Mr system you are a bit too late,even if you don't say anything I already decided to help her..,........I said.

ah ah but since you gave me the task I am more excited,let get this asshole out of here.......I said to myself.