Chapter 1 - CHAPTER 1-break up call

Kilian 042022/09/10 11:37

As the saying goes "money is the root of all evil" I fail to understand this until today.

My name is Zac Howard,an orphan ,after graduating in high school at the age of 18 I left the orphanage in hope to search for a good life.

I have been working as a waiter for the past two years,I met my girlfriend Avery Martins in this same restaurant, we've been a couple for over a year now,hmmm but today, my supposed love of life gave me very shocking news.

******* ******* ******

Riiiiing. riiiing........ riiiing

hey Avery Love,am almost done here,wait for me downstairs,I said without knowing what is about to hit me.

Zac,let break up. came a voice on the other side of the phone

wait!!!! what!!!!!!!? why?

you are too poor,is that reason enough,I need a man who will be able to spend on me,am too beautiful to be your girlfriend,yeah I admit you are quite handsome,I can't eat your face can I?

please Avery baby don't do this to me ,is this about the iphone you want?I promise am gonna get it for you soon just give me a little time please Avery...I said

it not possible for us anymore,young master Ben proposed to me today and I accepted,do you know how much he spent on me today,50,000$ that a whopping 50bucks Zac,please forget about me,I have a new boyfriend now.

before I could say anything else

tu......to.......tu ........tu

is all I can hear on the phone

Avery hello Avery ........Avery

fuck you and your young master Ben.

I roared!!!!!!.

On my way home,I kept thinking about the words she said

Yes i am poor......I said to my self.

but I Zac Howard is not someone that backdown easily,I will make it to the pinnacle of life,wait for me Avery martins,am gonna step on you and your rich boyfriend soon.

"Ding"binding with the host "10%•••••••60%•••••••100%

"Ding"(Congratulations to the host for obtaining and binding with the system)

"Ding"Congratulations host for obtain the "RICH MAN SYSTEM".

A holographic status interface suddenly pop out.

System host-Zac Howard Stark


Face value-90(very handsome)

Strength -60

Agility -50

Defense -40

Speed -40

Cultivation -None


System point -0

System Level-level1

Harem members-None.

"Ding"for every completed task the system will give random rewards of Assets,skill,cash,system points etc.

"Ding"for every woman added to the Harem the system will be levelled up.

Standing on the pedestrian walkway,I keep wondering if what am seeing right now is for real.

ah ah ah. I laughed

with the system I will reach the pinnacle of life and trample on those that ridicule and humiliated me.

"Ding"[system task released]

Task-help the old man near you

Rewards- Maybach GLS


What one million dollars...I exclaimed.

Looking around the area I was I saw an old man,I quickly ran to him,I realized the old man has breathing difficulty.

are you okay sir......I said anxiously

inhalant.......he said

oh....okay......I started searching his body.

As I was trying to help the old man I can hear the passerby cursing and criticizing me

Sir.......try to open up.....I said to the old man

After the old man calm down I was relieved.

what is your name young man...the old .man said

Zac....Sir...I replied.

ah...thank you Zac...he said

my name is Nathan Reele......he said

you should call me uncle ah ah ah.

alright uncle Reele........I said

can you stay with me till my daughter is here....he said

No problem uncle Reele.....I replied