My own little monster


You made me hate myself because of your so called love but which is not truly love but lies

My own little monster

Is it okay to give your

account to someone

else, brag about it and

correct the spelling

Without thinking

of my feelings, not

knowing that you are

hurting me

You are making me

cry, it's easy for you

cause I have never

done things to hurt you

I am always making

you my top and number

one priority, disregarding

my own self

Putting you always

at the for front, always

protecting you, always

making you feel special

But in the end you

would just hurt me

you would just make

me cry

So stupid of me

to believe that you

even care, you even

love me

But you just made

a fool of me, you just

made me a target of

your doing

Maybe I will never

be the same, I will never

have back my own


I will now be a nothing

I zero person made by

your own free will

thank you for making

me this way

For maybe this is

who I really am

this is what I was born


Thank you


Sept 9, 2022


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