What is Love?


the meaning of love for me

What is Love?

What is love?

a four letter word

that a few cares about

that a few feels about

they may never see

the beauty of love

but for me, it is

the most greatest

feeling a person

could feel

I may never be

love the way I want

it to be

The way in how

I love, in giving all

for the person

But I just hope

that I would never

be hurt

For I know how

it feels to get hurt

to feel the pain

And I made a promise

to myself that I would

never let you experience


I would do my best

to make you happy

to make you feel safe

For God has given

you to me, to take care

and to love

And I would never

fail God, I would strive

hard, harder for you

to be proud of me

For you to love me

more and more, for you

to feel how much

I love you


Sept 6, 2022


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