I am living your so called life


You made my life a living hell

I am living your so called life

I can barely walk

As I can barely see

How my life was turn

Into a nightmare

The moment that

I have known you

It has turn to bad

To worst, to laughter

To sadness, you had

Destroyed my life

You had chain me

You had suckled me

Making me believe

That you had love me

That you had cared

But the truth is you

Don't even care, you

Don't even loved me

You only think of

Yourself, you only

Want, what is best

For you, and I regret

Knowing you, that I

Had talked with you

So foolish, so stupid,

So dumb, so reckless,

So not into me, please

Put a knife in my chest

And kill me, shot me in

The eyes

Tear me to pieces

Bury my ash, push me

Down the cliff I don't

Care as long as I stay

Dead, not even breathing

Please do that to me

I am begging you


Sept 5, 2022


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