Poison Ivy league

Section 1

Khadijatmomoh2022/09/04 00:11

Poison Ivy

Hurray! Hurray!

What an engulfing death

That patches my throat,

Set my hands and finger crashed,

Which burn steadily.

The canivore flower

Deep Aloe, Deep skin

Decaying my immune steadily,

Not for me to pant heavily,

Just as I touch;the death awaits easily.

The most dangerous and prettiest.

This sight is yet middling.

The touch of you,

Exactly going to the Lion's den,

Which means catastrophe awaits the Hen.

Even it's branches is enough,

To give screeching noise

Asit poison penetrates to the immune.

Now the cerebrum looses intellectual.

At this stage the poison ivy has you.

By: Momoh khadijat opeyemi