Poison Ivy league

Section 2 - Invisibility

Khadijatmomoh2022/09/04 00:11


Beneath my souls is spirit

A shut eyes never to be seen,

Even to get the antedote to see,

The sight looks more blur

See the half of no matter what.

Nose only smells my visibility

Those in the air knows my identity.

Position, money , love is a priority.

Why does I think so much of calamity.

Today here tommorow gone, till enternity.

The frightened forest I sleep today's.

My heart having closed thier eyes,

Hanging from on the branches of my soul

No one can sight my predicament.

Mine spirit wandering of good abode.

Wishes; someone can sight me,

Not only sight, but to percify mine visibilities.

Why would I think of calamities?

When far away is gone my invisibilities.

Then me will be a meticulous personality.

By : Momoh khadijat opeyemi