What I feel when I am Alone?

Zeshii2022/09/03 07:23
What I feel when I am Alone?

The life becomes complicated when you are at a dark side.This darkness is the shadow of your lonliness and psychological problem.A deadly storm seems to be coming towards you but doesn't.A time which never stops giving you pain and hard ways.All the abilities of gaining attention and moving forward are prisoned.Thus is lonliness.

You feel a silence among a crowd and thirst in the middle of an ocean.You feel losing everything by mind.In a colorful room, the feeling are colorless.The taste of life becomes tasteless and all the ways of keeping forward are replaced by hurdles.Now, you feel like a slave which is soon to be prisoned or hanged.At last, you try to finish.

When hope is dead then rope is cut and support is worst.Hope is the backbone of life.If it's broken then life is crashed.The route of life is smashed and feeling are hurted.

When I feel lonliness my desires are hanged.I feel something hitting my mind and my heart slowly slowly.I wake from an infinity sleep and then sleep again and then fall again.This repeats until I die.Yes, I'm dying.

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