5 Tips to Avoid Your Cryptocurrency Being Stolen

cuite1252020/09/01 22:49

As of June 2020, crypto criminals had already stolen $1.4 billion worth of crypto assets. Among the cryptos affected are the market giants bitcoin and ethereum. Malicious crypto-related transactions and crypto stealing are not new in the crypto world. The episodes have been recurring over the past few years. The increasing threats of hacking and other risky events in the crypto world make it very important to find ways to protect our crypto. But how can you protect your cryptocurrency from being stolen? Here are the top 5 best tips to help you protect your crypto assets. Use The 2 Factor Authentication Dual factor authentication(2FA) is a process in which a user provides two different authentication factors for their identity verification. The 2FA offers more security than single-factor authentication, which relies only on passcodes and passwords. In 2FA, apart from providing the passwords, a user will need to bring more biometrics, usually fingerprints and facial .


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