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Fantasy In The Summer

Section 5 - Fantasy In The Summer

Uri Okhai2022/08/21 01:23

Chapter 4

   I remembered the novel titled "jumanji", where the characters travelled into a game. I never believed it was possible, not until the past twenty seconds when an actual character in the novel "The Return Of Uri" told me I just travelled into Quantum.
   "No! This is not happening!" I told myself as I sank my head ino my arms and started another round of sobbing.
   "Do you need a tissue paper?" the bodybuilder asked bluntly.
   "Butler!" Uri snapped. "She just book traveled from her world into ours. Don't you think we should give her some time... alone?"
   "Alright. If there's anything you need, take this", the bodybuilder handed me a spherical device which I clearly did not know how to operate.
   "Just push down the button at the bottom and Butler will get the signal", Uri said.
   "Okay... thank you", I did my best to speak gently.
   "You're welcome", Uri said with a smile on his face.
My sobbing face blushed. Why does he do that?
   He handed me a handkerchief then left, Butler followed behind him.
   I can't count how many times I blew my nose, tears seemed to be flowing out of my eyes on their own accord. I managed to stand up, I looked for the bathroom, in there, I splashed water on my face and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were red with tears, my face looked pale, it was almost like I was staring at my ghost form.
   I wonder what mommy will do if she knocks on my door and get no reply, or how little Brit would feel if she knew I was missing. Thinking about all these made me cry the more. My breath came in short, my eyes swelled and there was a huge lump in my throat. I wish I never knew the book (the return of Uri). What if someone else writes their name in the book, and then travel into this realm?
   A thought flashed my mind, with that, my crying reduced. What if there's another book here which can book travel me in to Earth? What if I can still go back to Earth?
   With those thoughts playing around in my mind, I stopped crying, I cleaned my face one last time, then I went out of the room in search for answers.
   Once I was outside the room, my brain became confused. "Which way do I go?" Everywhere I turned seemed to lead to a path and to a turn. "I guess I'll have to use the strange device" I muttered under my breath.
   The device was smooth on my palm, I pressed every of its circumference till I pushed a segment inside.
   "What do you need Miss?" the bodybuilder's voice was sharp and urgent.
   "Umm..." I didn't even know where I was, I elevated my gaze to the top of a door frame and luckily for me, I found a tag. "Could you please come to the guest room viii... sir?"
   "Okay Miss, but is there anything I can bring you on my way?" Butler asked.
   "Uh... no, thank you sir. I just need directions", I urged.
   "Okay Miss. By the way, you can call me Butler".
   "Okay... Butler", I said, still wondering how a bodybuilder of that size could be so humble.
   Some minutes later, he came in view, through "God knows where".
   "Where do you want to go, Miss?" asked Butler as he showed me the inner view of the whole house on an electronic tablet.
   "I want to speak with the_" I thought of what to say. "The master of the house".
   "Right... follow me Miss", Butler ordered.
   We followed the path through which Butler came, down to the stairs. While climbing up the stairs, I began to wonder how massive the house was.
   We entered into the fourth floor (according to Butler). "The master of the house uses that room over there..." he pointed to a room, straight opposite us. "... as his office".
   As we approached the room, I noticed that the house was empty. I hadn't seen anyone else, except Butler and Uri. I wonder who could possibly be behind the door.
   "Uri here... is the master if the house", Butler said humbly.
   "Hello Miss, welcome to the Uri Manor", Uri said with a lopsided smile.
   I couldn't help giggling, "You're telling me you own this... mansion?"
   Uri stood up and came over to me, he offered me the seat opposite his. "It's a long story", he said bluntly. "I would like to know how you book traveled here... Miss?" the last word raised slightly.
   "Oh... its Tesher Willington", I said humbly.
   Uri whispered something to Butler before he sat down, then I explained everything to him.