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Fantasy In The Summer

Section 6 - Fantasy In The Summer

Uri Okhai2022/08/21 01:23

Chapter 5

   Uri understood all what I told him, just once. Strange!
   "I've heard yours, may I explain all that is going on here to you?" asked Uri.
   He explained everything to me, and it all sounded a lot different than the book.
   "You've just caused a revolution... Tesher", he said.
   "How?" I asked, curious to know more.
   "You see, ever since we traveled into this universe, everything becomes quite different. Our home is Quantum;  Quantum 7 is the seventh universe of Quantum, and now that we've discovered how to go back in time to our home, just with the help of a book; this is the farthest we have gone so far".
   "It's because you book traveled from Earth to Quantum 7. That simply means that, we can all go back home... including you". The expression on his face hardened. "If only we find the book before Lillian does".
   "Lillian", the name rang a bell in my head. Of course, she is Boyrick Elvis daughter. "So Lillian is also here".
   "Yes, and if she finds the book (Uri's own version) before us, we'll be stocked here". The tone of his voice made it sound like everything was okay; but it wasn't.
   "You must be hungry, Tesher", this was the first time Uri addressed me straightly by my name. His voice pronounced it clearly, like he'd been used to the name before.
   "Of course, thanks", I said with a faint smile.
   He led me out of his office into the living room. My mouth went dry the sight of the massive combined room. It had an enormous setting, it was complete; just like the ones I usually see in movies.
   "Wow!" I gasped.
   "Make yourself at home", Uri said with a smile, then hewent to another section of the house.
   I can't believe, in the past five hours, I was at home. Moving down to the past three hours, I book traveled into Quantum, scared; and now, I'm beginning to feel welcome.
   I sat on a small looking couch which was strangely cosy. Everything in the house seemed to imitate the ones in Earth houses.
   My thoughts kept on till it was interrupted by Butler. "What kind of delicacy will you prefer, Miss?"
   I paused for a moment, on Earth, no one ever questioned me about the kind of food I wanted. I always choose whatever mommy chose.
   "Spanish type would be good... Butler", I still had trouble, calling him that name.
   "What type of Spanish recipe?"
   "Umm..." I thought for a moment. "Paellas is okay".
   "Is that all?"
   "Yes Butler".
   "Okay, Miss. I'll be back", Butler said as he went back to where I guessed was the kitchen.
   I was just staring at the huge holographic depiction of Quantum when an idea rushed in, "Can I call Earth?"
   I tried to access the question in my head, could I actually call Earth? The thought was quite disturbing. I had to wait, because, even if I could call Earth, there will still be a problem. "I can't operate these strange devices".
   Butler came back shortly, "come with me, Miss", he ordered.
   I followed him to where I guessed was the dinning room. It had already been arranged neatly. I wondered if Butler arranged it himself, or if he even cooked.
   "Sit in one of those", he pointed towards a set of arranged golden coloured  chairs.
   I did as he instructed. Why were they being nice to me? I thought. Maybe it's because I'm the first person they've seen who actually book traveled into another world.
   I was still fiddling with my thoughts just when Butler came in with the dishes. I gotta say, he's a pretty good cook!
   Uri came in shortly after the dishes were set, he was still on suits. I was just beginning to see similarities between he and Artemis Fowl.
   When I tasted the Paellas, I was shocked. It tasted exactly like the one I tasted on my first family trip to Spain. It was awesome, everything blended together.
   "Butler, how did you get the taste of the Paellas so perfect, when you're not from Earth?"
   Butler shrugged, "well, let me say; right here, we study the lifestyle of aliens".
   At the moment he said the last word, I felt uncomfortable, the urge to cry came in again.
   Uri seemed to notice my uneasiness, but before he could do anything, I stood up and left the dining room.
   I searched for an exit door, I wanted to go outside, but I couldn't find any exit door anywhere. In frustration, I began walking down any passageway I saw.
    Not quite long, I got lost. I felt a lump in my throat, I slumped against the wall and started sobbing again, just when I heard a voice beside me. "I know how it feels", the tone was very warm, it was almost as if the voice was speaking from my heart. Beside me was the owner: Uri.