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Fantasy In The Summer

Section 4 - Fantasy In The Summer

Uri Okhai2022/08/21 01:23

Chapter 3

   Riding a bugatti chiron super sport to school was probably the craziest thing ever.
   At the moment I parked it in the VIP's lane, all eyes were on me. I came out of the car and stared at everybody with my fancy gucci shades.
   Everyone's face seemed to have their jaw loosened.
   "Miss, can you hear me?" someone asked from amongst the students.
   "Ma'am?" another person called out. It was strange, they both had the same voices.
   "Open your eyes,  you're alive!" at those last words, my eyes fluttered open. That was all a dream? Yikes!
   "Where am I ?" I asked myself .
   My question was answered by the bodybuilder. "Welcome to the Uri Manor".
   "Uri" the name repeated over and over in my brain. I made an effort to sit up, but I I ended up resting my back on the pillow.
   "Where am I... I mean, what is this place called... as a whole?"
   The bodybuilder looked at me in a confused way. "You're in Quantum 7", a voice answered from the door, it sounded extremely cool, calm and gentle.
   I turned my gaze to the door and saw the owner of the voice. At first, there was no one there, then, a boy stepped in.
   The boy was absolutely a cutie. He was dressed in black suits, he had a trimmed hair and he looked like the son of a billionaire.
   I was still in my mesmerised state when my mind did a rewind. "You're in Quantum 7".
   "Did you just say Quantum 7 ?" I managed to ask.
   "Yes, Quantum 7", he confirmed. "Are you familiar with the name?"
   My brain went through some calculations, "Quantum. I am not in Earth. I'm lost!" my mind exclaimed.
   "Um... are we on Earth?" I asked, hoping the answer will be different.
   The look on the boy's face changed. It turned a bit pale.
   "Earth? You ser_"
   "Butler!" the boy said sharply and the bodybuilder fell silent.
   Jeez! Did that big guy just obey orders from this little guy? I was surprised.
   "You're from Earth", the boy said.
   "You are now in Quantum".
   I nodded slightly.
   "Are you familiar with planet Quantum?"
   "Yes", I said slowly.
   "How did you know planet Quantum?"
   "Through a book", I could hear my own heartbeat now. I knew where this conversation was going to.
   "What's the name of the book?"
   "The Return Of Uri".
   He smiled faintly. "My name is Uri... and you've just travelled into the Quantum universe".