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Fantasy In The Summer

Section 2 - Fantasy In The Summer

Uri Okhai2022/08/21 01:23

Chapter 1

   Blah blah blah, I am extremely tired of mommy's never ending story about "the return of Uri". If I had kept my count updated, this might probably be the three hundredth time she's reciting it to me. Worst of all, thinking about all those fantasies that happened in the book always makes me feel dizzy.
   The book had everything you could possibly think about, horrific scenes, technology, mysteries, fiction, science, astronomy... there was so much in that book but the best part is the thrilling adventure and the worse part is "no romance".
   "Leave it that way, it sounds more matured without romance", mommy will always tell me whenever I questioned her about it.
   But that doesn't matter again because now, I've made up my mind to add some romance to the story, if Okhai (the author) won't do it.
   "Mommy, do you mind if I take the book to my room, maybe I can read it... in private", I lied.
   At first, the look on mommy's face was confused, then she smiled in a way that always pleases me.
   "Oh my sweet Tesher, I knew you would one day embrace the book ", she said as she gave me a comfy hug.
   Holding back a giggle at that moment was the hardest thing I had ever done.
   "Okay mommy, can you let go now?" I was getting a bit anxious.
   She released her grip on me, bus she still had her hands on my shoulder.
   "Cup cake_" I scrowled at her. I really hate it whenever she calls me that, I mean, the word is meant for opposite sex not the same sex, especially not mother and daughter.
   She ignored my scrowl and kept on with her smile. "Before you go, I want to sing you a pre birthday song".
   "No!" my reply came sharper than I expected. When would she stop treating me like a three year old, I'm fourteen, turning fifteen next week Thursday (September 8th). Can't she treat ime like lady? Or even a teenager.
   "I mean... no", I said gently. "I'm good, I don't think I need any song... at least, for now".
   "Okay sweetheart... I hope you enjoy it", she said, then I stood up and went to my room with the book.
   Once I was in my room, I shut the door behind me and locked it. I also locked the windows (because I probably don't need anybody spying on me).
   I sat on my study desk and twirled my pen in my fingers with the book staring blankly at me.
   Now, what kind of romance should it be?
"Maybe I should make it a soft and cool type", I suggested to myself.
   Now that I've gotten the perfect type of romantic moment, what would be the name of the girl? I really wished I had paid more attention to the names of female models whenever my modelling tutor recited them.
   Hold on a sec... an ideal flashed through my mind. I had a little argument within me before I came to a compromise.
   I could hear the thud of blood in my ears as I carefully wrote my name after the epilogue in the book.
   At the moment I completed my name in my own handwriting, I watched in awe as it reshaped itself to match with the printed writings on the book.
   Then it began...