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Fantasy In The Summer

Section 1 - Fantasy In The Summer

Uri Okhai2022/08/21 01:23


   Ten years ago, some scientists from Earth discovered a tenth planet, their leader "Yuking Chadwick" decided that they travel to the newly discovered planet and learn more about it.
   According to their discovery, the planet dated back to 404AD, but it was named "Quantum" in 1908 by a scientist named "Uri" after finding out that Quantum actually existed in the planet.
   At the time the human scientists arrived Quantum, there was an astronomer who wanted to end the race of Quantum, "Boyrick Elvis".
   He discovered the hidden secret of Uri, with that, he used it to develop machines which could travel to different universe by absorbing matter.
   In 2012, he travelled with the scientists to Earth with the aim of seeking a hiding place for his daughter. After he returned to Quantum, he did the impossible, he destroyed Quantum. But before he did that, he'd already sent his daughter, "Lilian", to Earth for survival.
   During the chaotic scene, the last descendant of Uri was sent to Earth.
   Earth is now left to see the fate of the survivals of Quantum.