Tazix2022/08/17 04:03

I wrote this to try and show how i felt when i realized that the facade that i put out was nothing more then a lie. The worst kind of lie because it robbed me of my identity leaving me a stranger within my self. Surrounded my the faces of people that claim to love me but the persistent question that never seemed to be answered is how can they when even i dont know me so how could they.

At the end

The Fabric of my life is fraying, it's unraveling like a ball of twine. Sipping cheap wine like an imposter pretending to be enjoying the finer things. Foreign and unknown is my reflection I've lost my self somewhere in time. I pretend to be beautiful in attempts to mask the monstrosity hiding inside. On my knees pleading to a higher power that is Def to my cries like shit I seem to only attract the flies. Guilt stricken by poverty destined to be trapped with in the prison I've created 4 walls of tortured souls the bars that cage me in are the faces of the children I've failed. My future out with the trash like all the soiled diapers in my past. Failure is as certain as the voices screaming in my head. As I lay in this bath I hold this razor blade like Its the key my depression mixed with tge demonic voices that scream out to me wit i might just be able to unlock the door. the beat slows to a stop the free fall begins but have know fear for when this body is found there will be know screaming nor any tears. Just reassurance in thefact that my tortured soul is finally dead...


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