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LIfe tragedy is that, man go too far and wise too soon later.

Seating a huge amount of people down on how far they have gone... Obviously, 70% can traced the sources of failure of their life to something they did or didn't decide effectively. Naturally, many could have said no even when the science were covinous.

The victim of their own making. Achieving a failure because many didn't take into advices they were offered.

Life is synonymous to driving on the high way. At a point, you know how to start, stop and turn.

To be candid, having juxtaposing randomly, I have found a direct correlation between my present state of life and the decision I made.

Honestly, It's a choice! We all have to make choices or take decisions at the point in our lives.

My curiosity! Trust me, the choices and decisions are not as you see them in the movies. Yeah! That ones have to be a happy ending. This is not to say that would be a case for you.

I couldn't let go of the word of my Dad (Elder Micheal Idowu Ajofolowo):

"you must be chasing something even if nothing is chasing you because that will eventually leads you to your success point

The above statement has eventually being my guiding principle; and in resting my pedestal on my father's tutelage, I've cohort myself into calibres of employments. Obviously, experience could be the best teacher in life.

Hmm! My previous employment gave me a new set of experience which I Incorporated. You can't understand how much I despise that place, it's far from what I ever desire but wherever you feel God is leading you to the lowest valley, you might want to get a how and start digging for answer, because your gold might just be around the corner. Our Lord Jesus, the son of God wasn't born in the palace. He was born in a manger and yet, wise men sought him with gifts. Infact, here is my manger.

I was completely drench with sweat when I noticed that my pride was being punctured despite all effort put in observing the rule punctiliously. Though the experience was a shenanigan but in coming to actual realization, I understood better what I couldn't have, if taught in school. I got to understand what life really entails and the likely gravity perhaps we did not decide effectively.

My glimpses!

During the gentle stroll of my life span at work, my horizon was brooding and I got to know some fact. You see, no one becomes proud because he is neither in power nor he has money. He has always being proud but he needed all those to amplify it. Yeah! Wealth, power, fame only amplify who we really are. I was acquainted by a motivation that when you aspire for any level in life, you should be on the platform of a good nature because when you get to the zenith and Apex of life, it will amplify who you really are. Desiring power without character i.e being proud,pride, vindictiveness, arrogant could bruise the presence and ruin the future.

Two major things always arouse my curiosity:

1) No matter what I am today, i'm not the first

2) what i do to people in my days of glory and popularity will definitely be my retirement

Yeah! There are some gratuity life will pay you; government cannot pay you. it's on a platform of how you treat people in your days of popularity and glory

Be careful!!!

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