Arms of Death

Karo Black2022/08/05 19:43
Arms of Death

In her grief

She recognized that all will be as they should be.

She had thought she could have love,

Felt she deserved it,

And that in time

Someone would come to love her for who she was.

It took years of pain

For her to acknowledge and realize

That love was never in the mind of her creator

When He placed her upon earth.

It was in grief of the hope lost,

And the loneliness that waited ahead,

That she walked dazedly into the arms of death.

Death cared for her more than others,

Because unlike every being she had encountered,

Death welcomed her with open arms.

When she went to him,

He caressed her 

And took away her years of agony, loneliness and tears.

Even as he lovingly, though painfully took her away within the oceans dark depth,

She couldn't smile in relief

For she knew not how to.

Even in death,

Her face remained sad, just like her life had been.

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