Strong girls

BT CUTIE2022/07/20 13:13

When a girl feel scared when someone follows her

When someone follow you when you are alone going for your tution, for your school, for your work. It's scarry. As a girl you should get scared but you should not fear. Getting scared is normal but having fear of them makes them stronger.

In that situation we have two choices either to run away or fight back. Most of the girls choice to run away but this is not a solution they will do this again and again. For how long you will run. You should fight back on the day one.

The day they started following you fight back. Even you are scared even you are weak don't let them know. Fight back with your all straight. Don't think what will happen after that. Just remember you have you family as your backer 🤗🤗🤗..

Have a fearless day girls

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