A fool for love


why is that when we are in love, we tend to forget ourselves, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and only care for the one we love, is every body a fool when it comes to love.

A fool for love

Why do I have to put up with

your antics?

When I know all along that

I could never have you

When all along that you

are just a dream bound to

be just a dream, just to

hurt me

just to shattered my heart

and destroy my emotions

I have never been this dumb

this bullshit

such a pity being this way

I have never been arrogant

never been boastful. always

stayed lowkey

even though I am being

hurt and made to suffer

my heart is burden and

my life is curse

brought about by a girl

brought about by love

love that wasn't true

in the first place


July 5, 2022


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