Am I the bad for me?

Bisma Nadeem2022/06/26 19:17
Am I the bad for me?

A knife through vein would end me But where'd I stand then?

My Soul would linger through the dead

With no sign of life left

I want to touch the sky

See beyond the shady clouds

I want to breathe inside the deepest ocean

Clean myself and about

My heart belongs to a different

A difficult kingdom

My mind is the stop of me

To think beyond my wisdom

I'm quite between the living and Living with non living

Non living stops the living

Am I beyond those shiny diamonds?

Or I cost of the mud under the shoe?

My thoughts are my escape or trap?

I don't know but always knew

Am I the bad for me?

Or am I reason of bad?

or am I the only one who feel bad for the bad?

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