Being betrayed by the one you love is the most hurtful feeling unimagineable


Can please someone tell me

what is feels like to be happy

what is the feeling of being happy

what are the signs of being happy

Will I laugh my heart out

to say that I am happy, to say

that I am loved or will I just grin

and pretend that I am happy

Ever since someone cheated

on me, my life has changed, it

was never the same, always there

are flashbacks of that day

Sometimes I wish that I had

died on that day, so that the

burden will be erased, will be

long forgotten

I hope there would be signs

of how to move on, how to

fight, how to overcome, how

to face the fears

Until that sign will come

I will remain the same old me

that I was after I was cheated

the same old me


June 21, 2022


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