My handcuffed Love

Section 21 - Episode 21

Anni Queen2022/07/07 19:07

"Nina you are so lucky" said Jennie. Both were having a pajama party in Nina bedroom. " How?" She said while eating chips. "So nice husband and incredibly big house to live" said Jennie sitting in front of her. " Jennie I told you nah" she said while making her clear again that's it's not her things. There are just temporary. That night Nina asked Jennie to sleep in her bedroom so she bring a additional mattress on floor near her bed where they can easily see other as well talk.

"You know Nina one day I will become very rich like Sir Cassano" said Jennie. " Hmm best of luck but you need proper education first" said Nina. " Yup I will do it don't worry" Jennie was laying on the mattress and was taking side toward Nina." Try not to talk with Cassano if he become rude at you I will not support you for this" said Nina. While Jennie agreed. " You know Jennie I got to know after 5 years that he is really nice and soft hearted person sometime get really rude but it's ok"said Nina.

" You knows him from the last five years?" She was surprised.

While Nina nodded. " In the starting I worked as a employee in his company but I don't liked his behavior so I get mad on him and I said blah blah on him and leaved" said Nina.

" Then?" Jennie looked curious.

" Then umm he asked for me again and again to come in company as a source of enjoyment so he can get a chance to tease me and we ended up as husband_wife now" Nina laughed for a second.

"Ahan but what's the reason for your marriage you never told me of that " said Jennie.

" It's a contract marriage simple! Nothing left nothing right but yeah I think I started liking him" said Nina.

Jennie was surprised to hear and said hurriedly" like??".

" Yeah but just as a friend like you" she laughed again. Then Jennie stopped talking as she was feeling sleepy so Nina kept on talking " I got to know many things about him..he got to know many things about me...Maybe it's a kind of friendship right?" She said but Jennie didn't respond. Nina looked at her and said "Jennie?" Butshe felt asleep.

Nine also stopped talking and closed her eyes.

"Nina your getting closer to me might harm you" said Cassano who was listening all the discussion by microphone settled in her bedroom. He turned off the lamp and went to sleep.

The day after Sunday, Cassano was at the residence. He was doing some important work on the dining table as well eating lunch. Nina was as always in her bedroom and Jennie was roaming all over the residence. But an accident happened. She unknowingly strike with the flower pot and it got broke at once. " Oh my god" she said unconsciously. Cassano who was sitting on table went up to her who was standing just near him and said " I am noticing you from last two hours don't your legs stop from running around?" He said madly.

" I am sorry" she felt her mistake. Nina also came out of her room. " Now get the hell out of here I don't want to see you now" he said. Jennie went in the May room while crying. Nina become worried about her and said to Cassano " Mr. Cassano she is my guest treat her kindly". " Kindly don't you see this pot? It's was the present from Turkish president".

She hear his words calmly and took forward steps dramatically and said in calm voice by looking in his deep eyes " Mr. Cassano try to remember this one thing that I am going to tell you... DON'T PREFER MONEY OVER RELATIONS OTHERWISE YOU WILL STARTING BREAKING FROM INSIDE" she said while pointing with her one finger towards his heart then she went to Jennie in order to relax her.

This words maybe exercised a good effect on him or maybe he just ignored it as always.