My handcuffed Love

Section 20 - Episode 20

Anni Queen2022/07/04 23:44

Cassano who was mad at her didn't said anything further but silently leaved the room and went to his bedroom balcony and like Nina before he sit on the grill near the edge.

" Mr Cassano are you in your senses?" She was shocked as well worried to see him. Any moment can make him to fall down from the 2nd floor of residence. " Nina I think you are not" he was calm and mad so he kept teasing her. " Okay it's a really bad joke to do come down please" she become serious. " Really??" He was again calm and taking easy on sitting near the horrible spot. " Hey I'm really worried right now please get down" she try to move towards him but he said " don't come closer otherwise I will jump" he was so much in anger. " Okay okay please get down I will do whatever you will asked me to do" said Nina. " Anything?" Said Cassano. She nodded worriedly to see him. " Okay repeat my words from now on" said Cassano.

" I will never trust and worried about Leo Seok" He said and Nina moved her tongue according to him. " He is from Mafia and I will never meet him I promise" said Cassano and Nina repeated his words as he said but got shocked.

" Cassano what did you said? He is from Mafia...No he had a restaurant in Italy" said Nina.

He got down and went towards her " Nina what I told you is true and you have to keep your promise from now on" Then he take her towards the study room and make her everything clear about Leo. He said

Leo Seok a guy of age 27 had a huge Italian restaurant in Italy as well in turkey. His parents died when he was in teenage so he joined the mafia when your Ex father sent him aboard for studies. In order to get revenge from the killer which shot his parents he joined the mafia.....

" He never told you that he had shot the person who killed his parents?" Asked Cassano.

" No but I'm still confuse how did you know this" said Nina.

" Nina I have connect in each corner of the world how would I don't know about this...I will never gonna tell you about this but your response forced me to do. And now keep your promise" said Cassano and Nina happily agreed with him. Nina also said to Cassano to bring Jennie here and somehow and other he forced him to allow Jennie to live at the residence. Jennie will have to live with May.

Still in her mind was something stuck. Many questions! Many answers was halt left in her mind. So she went into her bedroom.