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My handcuffed Love

Section 18 - Episode 18

Anni Queen2022/06/30 14:07

"is that enough to thank you" he asked politely. " Huh?" She was still surprised. " You mean no?" He again said. " No! I mean yes! but not enough" said Nina teasing him." So what do you want" he was still hugging her from behind. Both were talking in the same position. " Umm I want to buy something with you" she said smiling. " The presence of me is important for you?" He was curious to hear the answer. " Of course " she said while coming out of his arms and hit him with a punch. " Ahh! That's hurts" said Cassano. " That should be" she said mimicking him. Then they both have a long walk on the track and this track was moved towards the residence.


In the night when she was busy in the kitchen Cassano texted her

" Come downstairs time to fullfil the promise" she become really happy and went down the stairs excitedly. " Wow on time" he was pleased to see her. " Today is my day" she said and guide him to take the car towards amusement park. " Nina are you in your sense I can't go in such places" said Cassano being surprised. " I know that's why a pick some things for us" she said while taking out caps and mask for both of them. Then they both wear matching caps and masks and came outside. It was a huge gathering out there. Cassano was uncomfortable but Nina ordered her that he had to fulfill the promise. " See I want that one" she said pointing on the cotton candy. He walks towards the guy and bought her one.The salesman smiled at them and said you looked like twins. " Really?" She said laughing towards him. " Mr Cassano that is not enough for my belly" she said being mad at her. " You will get fat" he said uncomfortably."I am going home" but he stopped her and bought about 10 more cotton candies for her which somehow and other she succeed grabbing it. So she started eating it" want one?" She asked but he refused with a cringe face. " How rude" she said. Then they went to ticket counter. Nina was standing right her side and he was asking for tickets. " Which ticket Nina?" He asked. " Two for Roller coaster, two for water ride, two for flying ride, two for boat ride............." Then she continues without taking a breath. He moved his face towards the ticket counter and said " can I bought the whole rides?" .

" Sorry" ticket counter was confused.

" Aww thank you" she said grabbing a card from him." One for you and one for me" said Nina. " Ok let's try with a slow demo" she said. " Slow demo?" He was upset to see so much crowd all over. " That top spin" then he looked upward to most highest ride she chooses. He took a relief breath at one and silently went with her.

The belts was locked and the ride was filling with people. When the bell ringed in order to start the ride in 2 minutes Cassano got scared and grabbed her hand unconsciously. " I didn't know a business man is afraid of children like rides" she teased him.