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My handcuffed Love

Section 17 - Episode 17

Anni Queen2022/06/29 17:25

Nina somehow and other forced him to take some sleep so he might get better after. Cassano was slept on his bed and Nina put a warm blanket on him and leaved the room silently. " May try not to disturb him and also inform everybody about this" said Nina worriedly." You are going somewhere?" She asked. " May Jennie is home alone so I might visit him and don't be worry I will visit him in the morning" said Nina. " Ok dear but try to come earlier so he will feel nice that you have stayed for him" said May. She agreed ,grabbed her coat and leaved the residence right away. When she came home, Jennie was sleeping at sofa in lounge. Since it was a cold night so she take her blanket from the bedroom and put calmly on her. When she was busy in her own things she saw a plate on the dining table " Miss Nina" it was written on the paper. So she picked up her food and started eating it. Jennie was joining daily classes so she was pretty much busy in her studies as well in her job.

( Next day)

It was 6 in the morning so she get up early changed her clothes and went straight to residence in order to make Cassano feel that she really stayed night for him. But when she reached, Cassano was neither in his bedroom or at anyplace so she got worried about him and started looking for him here and there. She also asked May but she didn't know about him too. So she called him but found out that he left his phone in the residence.

She was sitting in Cassano room thinking where he might went so a thought came to his mind. She wear her joggers and went straight to park where Cassano often like to walk in the morning. She sits in the bench and started waiting for him. A couple of people passed by but Cassano didn't came. So she got up and started walking to search him by herself. On the track she saw him sitting near the woods.

" You know how much I was worried about you" she was angry on him. " You should be" he said calmly enjoying the beauty of nature. " Cassano how are you feeling right now" she also sat with him. " As always" he said. " Did you take the pills I put right before you" she asked. " No I don't need that" he was still calm. " Umm so frustrating" she stood up. He normally looked at her. " I was being searching for you for 2 hours and also wanted to take care of you but you are just giving me attitude?! enough" she said and turned away to move back. When she was talking far steps from him she thought that he might stop her but it doesn't happen. So in order not to break her own attitude so she kept walking away from him " how rude he is! He doesn't have any warmness at all" she was talking every shit about him that she could but suddenly someone appeared to be hugged her behind.