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My handcuffed Love

Section 16 - Episode 16

Anni Queen2022/06/29 01:06

She was at the residence.

" May I thought he was very rude and disgusting man but my mind is changed now" she said while sitting in chair near the shelf where May was cleaning the floor.

" I told you he is not what he look like" said May smiling. " I mean he is rude kinda sometime but he did nice to me " she said. " Ahan!? What did he done now?" May asked politely." A lot of things but the main is she help out my friend mother for her cancer treatment" she said while taking something to eat from the fruit basket. Then she grabbed the apple and started tossing it on the shelf. " You know he had many of cancer treatment institutes all over world" said May. " Yeah I read about it on internet " said Nina. " Who in the world read about his husband on internet try to know him personally" May advised her but she refused to take it as it wasn't the marriage they consider. Nina told May that she is here to surprise Cassano so please don't let him know about me and May agreed with her. She was in her room quietly. It become night but Cassano didn't came home yet. He often get late so she waited for him patiently.

All of a sudden, different noises started to come from outside. She become curious and sneaked with a little door open. It was Cassano being really mad at something. " Phycological attack" she whispered and waited for becoming everything normal. When Cassano was out of her sight, she silently went outside and asked May what happened now. " He is really mad at something we didn't know" said May.

" Where is he now?" She asked consciously. " I think in his personal room" May looked worried about him. Nina took slow steps downstairs and went straight to his personal room like library. She tried the passcode. " He didn't change it? I told him to do but it's okay " she said and went inside. Room was completely dark and seems like nobody is inside but she was wrong Cassano was sitting near the window on floor. When he saw him he said furiously" don't come near me I might harm you".

" You can't Cassano I know" she took slow steps towards him. There was a knife in his hands which he was tossing upon fingers. " Leave this it might hurt you" she said worriedly to see a sharp knife." Nina get out leave me alone " he again said with rage. But she didn't listen to him and sit right in front of him. She slowly grabbed the knife from his hands with her wounded fingers ( bandaged hand) . But Cassano grabbed her hand and said " It might pain a lot" he was still now. " Kind of" she also said lovingly. " I have same kind of pain here" he pointed towards his heart. Nina become emotional and curious too by taking his condition. " Maybe I can lesson your pain share it with me" she was holding his hands. " She passed away". " Who?" She asked." My mother" said Cassano. She was shocked as well confuse to hear it. " Got shock?" Said Cassano looking at her eyes. " She is your mother right" she pointed out at the picture near the chair. He nodded. Actually they were talking about his real mother besides the business fake family. " How does it happen" she was still confuse as well worried about him. " She was arrested when I only 6 year old and also was suffering from liver cancer, the department can't release her but allow her treatment at an institute but today she left me alone" said Cassano. Nina was so worried about him. She can't find any words to say so she hugged him at once. " And you know what the sad point is ?!?" He become even more serious. " When I went to visit her she didn't recognize me ! Didn't recognize his own son" he said.