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My handcuffed Love

Section 13 - Episode 13

Anni Queen2022/06/26 18:58

Everything was settled. Cassano even install additional cameras plus bodyguard outside the apartment. He was ready to give any safety to her as he can.

" You didn't go yet?" She asked him. " You will get scared so I decided to spent a night here" he said standing and looking a place to sleep. But a sudden thought came to Nina' there is only one bedroom and I don't want to share a bed with him' she thinks.

"Well thanks for being here for me but you may go now?" She said." Umm are you sure?" He was in mood to stay with her but she forced him to leave so at last he leaved in the middle of the night. When he reached at residence Nina text him

" I'm okay didn't saw a ghost Yet!?" He smiled to see her text message. Then he parked his car and went inside.

" Cassano where were you?" Her mom asked. " Actually my friend got a emergency so I had to visit there" he said trying to run away but she again questioned " your wife right?". " I will take her tomorrow to meet you" he said coldly and went into his private room which he used to lock. He sit in his casual chair in front of the painting that Nina saw a strange lady." If you were alive I would never have to answer anybody about my marriage" his lips moved. And about Nina she just enjoy a sound sleep.

( Next Morning)

Nina received a text message from Cassano

" Dress up well ! John is coming to pick you up, have 20 minutes"

Just? She said to herself and run towards her wardrobe. Her clothes was plain and too casual that she can't wear for important event like this. " They might try to push me down due to my clothes" she closed her wardrobe angrily and went into lounge to thought of a idea but got surprised to see shopping bag on the couch.

It was a beautiful dress in there with some jewelry and a matching heals." So adorable dress it is" she said. " Oh so Cassano sent it ". Actually he knew about her classy fashion so he decided earlier how to bring her in front of his parents.

( At the residence)

She was nervous and taking a cup of tea. Cassano parents was sitting just in front her and Cassano right next to her. " It's a contract marriage so there is nothing between you right?" His dad said coldly. " Yeah " she replied politely. They were having a conversation about the marriage but she went to kitchen just to get away from the weird questions.

" May his parents are so rough now I got to know why his behavior is like this?" She said loudly. " Ahm! I am being now so calm for you but you're keep bulling me for no reason!?" He came to her. " Really? You put me alone in apartment" she also shouted. "It was your wish I was ready to stay with you" he replied roughly. " Okay?! But why I am not allowed to go outside" she said. " Because my name is now attached with you and you will do exact what I told you to do" he break a glass in front of her shoes. " See! Now you are taking off your all day anger on me again!!!" She also shouted on him. He didn't bear it and grabbed her from her face " Nina why are you raising my temper!? Shut your shit off " he leaved her face and reached up to fridge to get some water. There was glass near her footsteps so she got down and started picking them up but unfortunately a her finger got hurt." Nina stop!" May almost screamed on her. " Oh my God it's bleeding" Nina said to herself. " Stupid girl who told you pick them up with your hands. Never do some right things Nina" he also shouted on him. " Ok kill me! Don't you see I'm hurt it's bleeding" she started crying innocently" and her crying take the heart of Cassano in a second. " John call the doctor right now" he ordered him and grab Nina hand carefully and put it below the sink. " The bleeding is not stopping" she was crying continuously. " Nina what should I do now stop your bleeding? Or stop you from crying?" Said Cassano. " She is still a baby" said May. " No doubt now I am babysitter May" he smiled. " I am crying right now and you guys are laughing at me leave my hand I can take care of own" she said and went into her bedroom while weeping. "Nina stop! I was kidding, see May as I told you I am a babysitter" he laughs at her.