My handcuffed Love

Chapter 12 - Episode 12

Anni Queen2022/06/25 19:16

" what should I do know? Should I call Cassano" she said to herself. She got terrified to see a shadow on the curtain that she considers a cat shadow just to relax her. Then she blindly went into her bedroom. She wasn't kinda scary girl but it was just because the apartment was new as well she watched a horror movie. She waited for half an hour but the light didn't came back.

She was much disturbed to see darkness and even little noises of car was scaring her. So she hold her phone and dialed CassanoBut no one picked. She again dialed and luckily Cassano picked it up. " Yeah I was about to call you?" He was in half sleep. " About to call?" She triggered her voice and said with to him with full might " Mr. Cassano! Listen ! You claims to be the king of Japan and me ?! Nina is left here alone with no lights even with scary noises like someone is in my apartment,where is your attitude now huh!".

" Wait wait wait what are talking about? Is everything alright? You were watching movie peacefully now what happen?" He said being in his senses apparently. " Do you install camera out there?" She asked. " Obviously I can't let a stupid girl on her own" he said. When they were talking, Nina hear another sound coming from the lounge. " Wait a minute ! "She got up and took slow steps toward the lounge. " Nina what happened now? can I sleep?" He asked. But Nina didn't response. The call was going on. Then a sudden scream " Ahhhhhhh!" Her phone slipped from her hands and she ran towards her room, locked the door and watched the balcony to find a way to hide. " Nina what happened? What was that?" Her phone was left on the lounge where Cassano was shouting on her. She hided herself outside the balcony beneath the table where the cloth was covering her " Please Cassano come here" she was praying as she had saw a ghost in the lounge. Whereas Cassano leaved his bed grabbed the car keys and drive as fast as he can to reach on her. He also inform the guard in the apartment to check there.

( Apartment)

When Cassano reached at her place, there was no one out there. Lights were off as she told her on the phone and her phone was dropped on the ground. He picked it up and turned on the flash. Then he reaches up to Nina room and tried to open it but failed

'Knock Knock '

"Nina come out It's me" he said. Nina who was hiding there took baby steps and opened the door while holding a lamp in her hand. " Gave it to me" he tries to grab the lamp from her hands but she didn't give him. " Maybe I should need it" she said. Then both of them decided to have a look at the apartment. There was no one.

Then they sit in the lounge, the light was on and she was still quiet. " Nina would you like to tell me who did you saw? He said. " It was male I can tell but I didn't see his face" she said. " And where was he inside the apartment? Did you locked the door correctly?" He asked politely. " No he was in the corridor standing in front of my door" she said. " What? He was outside Nina so why did you screamed?". But she keep silent and didn't say anything.

" Oh wow you scared me shit out of it and called me here in the middle of night now you are telling me there was a person in the corridor??? I was damn worried " he shouted on her. But she was still quiet. He was surprised to see her talking nothing so he felt bad and got into his knees and hold her hands. "Tell me what else scared you" said Cassano. She looked into his eyes without blinking and said " A Gun, he was here outside my door with a gun Cassano!" .

He was stunned. He was thinking that How is that possible for anyone to bring a gun here. Maybe it should be her mistake to understand it. "And how did you look outside?" He asked. " Someone knocked and when I came into lounge the suspecting camera on the door was off due to light. I thought to open the door right away but luckily I sneaked outside with the help of that window" she was pointing at the small window just at right to the door. That is why she can't see his face.