My handcuffed Love

Section 11 - Episode 11

Anni Queen2022/06/25 11:22

Nina had nothing much to do in these days. She just spent her time by reading book cooking dishes and sometime gardening. She started taking Cassano house as her own home. But it wasn't stay still because here comes the news. It was 9' in the morning, she came out of her bedroom and saw that everyone was busy in their duties really fast.

May what's going on? She said. Actually Cassano Sir parents are arriving and I have to look after on everything she was preparing various types of foods. She think that what gonna happen if his parents saw me. Maybe they will get mad or maybe they know why this marriage happened None of my business she said to herself and went in to her bedroom. The whole day spent but she didn't come out of her bedroom. Only At night when Cassano came back and out of nowhere he just opened Nina bedroom door.

You're still here? Said Cassano but she was enjoying a sound sleep. He walked towards her bed and whispered in her ear Wake up. Nina got scared and stood up Uh! What happened?.

Ummm nothing yet but if you stayed here for one more second you will be killed by my mother I think or maybe by my father he teased her. So where is your anger now? Tell them I'm your wife she said confidently.

No it's better for you to leave.

Really? She said. Not from my life from this house. I have bought a separate apartment for you. Then he hold her the keys and ordered John to drop her there quickly.

And the last thing pack your luggage too he said.

Luggage it means too long to stay there? She whispered to herself. Cassano heard it and turned back reached up to Nina and hold her from her chin Will You Miss Me? He said. Miss And You? For God Sake she teased him.

Then she was moved right away to her new apartment. A well furnished apartment.

At night she was sitting near balcony, looking at the rainbow necklace. Where is he? He should attend my call. Then she put the necklace on and went into lounge to see some movie.

Out of nowhere, she started watching a horror movie. ' the war begins between the humans and zombies which were spread all over the world ' whenever the zombie scene come up she raised the blanket up to her eyes in order to close her eyes. It become 2 in the night , her movie finished and she was still at the sofa half sleeping. Her eyes was closed but sudden opened to hear some noice.


What was that? She woke up from her dreams. Maybe it was a dream too. Huh Nina why did you watched a horror movie? She said to herself. When she was wearing her slippers the voice again came but it wasn't the voice of Crank but the light was off.

Oh My God where is my phone?

She ran towards her room blindly and started searching her phone with the help of moon light coming from the balcony. She turned on the flash, then she went to kitchen to grab some food. She picked up the fruit basket and turned but got stunned to see a shadow at the curtain. What is that?