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My handcuffed Love

Section 10 - Episode 10

Anni Queen2022/06/24 17:57

" Nina you are actually dumb! get down from there" Cassano was extremely mad at her. He just want her to come down so he can start yelling at her.

" No!! first count to 10 NO 100!" Said Nina trembling on there.

" 100? Stupid girl get down you will fall !!!" He was shouting on her. " I swear I will jump from here so start counting " she said. She was thinking that might be counting to 100 will reduce his phycological attack. " Nina!?!? Don't force me to shoot you down right now" said Cassano. " Ahhhhhhh! My foot almost slipped" when she said that Cassano got a shock for a second and his face got a sudden paleness as he might saw a ghost. " Ok ok" she was listening carefully and also was checking his expression. Actually she was guessing his temper.

" 56 57 58 ......62 63" he had not completed when Uncle John appeared " Sir? Ms. Nina family is here".

She was surprised to hear so she got down softly and reached upto Cassano " we will talk about this later Nina you are saved now" he said while ordering her to meet her family " and also don't inform them about the contract" she nodded.

Mrs. Seze and Lili was sitting in drawing room looking at the residence with greedy eyes. " Mom I'm telling you she will have put a trap on him just for the sake of money " said Lili. " Shhhh she is here" said Mom standing to meet her.

" Oh dear How are you" she said politely but Nina refused to hug her. " Why are you here mom?" Said Nina coldly. "Look like she got some attitude after her marriage " said Lili. " Lili I'm talking so be quite " Her mom hided her anger. " So Nina I will come straight to point...This is the agreement which say you are discarding us as your family" said Mrs.Seze giving her some kind of papers. " Sign?" Said Lili.

" Me? Why don't you guys discard me by your side?" Said Nina offended. " Actually your marriage had cause a lot of problem for your dad..You know there many rumours about you and your husband maybe it is true so we don't want to further continue this forced relationship " Mrs.Seze make it clear.

" Mom is it so easy for you to leave me?" Said Nina with tears pouring out. She always become really sensitive when it comes to her family matters. " Sign Nina and Yeah from now on remove this Seze from your name" said Mrs. Seze coldly.

Nina hands was trembling to sign. She was thinking that where did she go after this relation will end.

There is no home Nina. Now you are totally alone

A lot of things was popping into her mind but That moment Cassano appeared.

" Did you really think she will beg you to stay this relation?" He said and proudly sit with Nina at the couch.

" Nice to meet you Mr. Cassano" said Mrs.Seze. " I don't think you need to say this She is my wife now and you have no right to treat her like this" he said rudely.

" I think it's our matter" said Lili interfering.

" I am now the part of Nina and I will not allow anybody to threat my wife like this" he stood up " And last thing Her Past is Past I can't settle it but " then he placed his hands roughly on the table " I can get her revenge from your family" he smiled. " Nina sign it you don't need to worry about any Forced relation " he teased on them. Nina was greatly shocked to hear him. Instead she was feeling a strange appearance like someone is standing with her to support her. She signed the agreement saying that" No Seze ?No Nina ! from now on" then both of them left the room.

Nina silently went into her bedroom. She completely forgot about her diary while Cassano was worried about her as well mad to see diary. He forced himself not to tease her as she was disturbed. So he waited for the morning.

( Next Morning)

She was coming downstairs when she saw Cassano eating his breakfast. She thought that he might again get jealous and will talk about the diary but something strange happen. She sit on the chair Good Morning she said and starting eating the breakfast. Actually she was waiting for him to again show his jealousy face. But he looked so calm. At last they both completed their breakfast and Cassano stood up gave Nina her diary and turned around to leave.

" You are not mad at this now?" She said behind him.

" Who I am to you to get mad " he leaved.

What a strange guy he is. Sometimes he get mad due to jealousy and now he is too calm Why?....Stop Nina he is saying right. Why he will get mad on me this is just contract marriage. And he has no right to stop mefrom anything. But still why I feel sad of his response. She thought.....