My handcuffed Love

Section 9 - Episode 9

Anni Queen2022/06/23 18:37

"No it's not possible it just two days before I met him" Nina was becoming so anxious and also her eyes started pouring out. " Nina calm down it should be some wrong news" said Cassano and ordered John to bring some water. " Please check this out, this is not even possible how can he?" Nina just got on her knees due to depression. " Okay I will!, You need to be strong whatever the reality is " said Cassano. At the moment May appeared and took hold of Nina take her to her bedroom. She also give her some sleeping pills that might help her not to get even more depressed about this.

" Listen Nina please stop crying Mr. Cassano is finding out about this you are a strong girl" said May . She was laying over her bed trying to hold her tears back but it wasn't in her control.

" Did you gave her pills?" Asked Cassano. " Yes Sir I was forced to. I can't see her in such bad condition" said May. Cassano who was standing in front of her room moved back into his room but May want to say something

" Sir don't mind but I'm here for 25 years being a servant for your parents and then for you. I can clearly say that she is totally innocent girl she had nothing to do with that mafia. You already know about her past life" said May. Cassano Starred at May for a second then went into his room for sleep.

It was 7 in the morning. There were complete silence in the residence. Everyone was enjoying sound sleep but Nina was awake and was roaming in her room in case of tension and anxiety about the news she heard last night. She was thinking whether she should go into his room asked about the matter but it was too early. But she can't help of it and went straight towards his bedroom door.


No response. She again knocked but failed. Then she called his name MR. CASSANO!

She slowly opened the door and no one was inside the room. She thought that maybe he went out for walk. So she came downstairs and went into the backyard where she can see the main gait in front of her. She kept sitting there for half an hour when she saw Cassano wearing track suit and was sweated completely coming towards her. " Trying to run away?" He said approaching close to her. " No I have nowhere to go so why I will try to run away?" Said Nina softly. " I can clearly see your mood still off" said Cassano.

" Leo?" Nina just said his name because she can't even say that accident word. " Umm there is no information about that his phone connection is still off and listen I don't like his name coming to your lips" said Cassano holding her from her chin. " Okay" she agreed silently and went inside with slow and dizzy steps. Cassano was not so satisfied with her behavior. Maybe he liked that cheerful Nina that keep teasing her. Now she was looking like fully broken girl from inside.

Days passed in a rush, but still got no calls from Leo appearance. Nina was still sad and about Cassano, he was getting angry to see her caring to much for Leo. One day, Nina was taking swing in the backyard. So Cassano went into her room to do some checking on her luggage. He opened her wardrobe. There were few clothes and about two to three pair of shoes. Nothing more than 3 boxes of jewelry and some books on the side. Her dresses was always a uniform like material meant for Cassano. Because she always wear plain frocks and the only difference in her daily dresses is the color not the style. And plain jewelry or sometime even with no jewelry. Cassano had nothing to do with her clothes so he checked her books one by one. It was novels and comics. But the one book was different. It was her diary. When he opened it, he saw many of the drawn pictures of a same guy with some love poetry on the one side. As he was sliding the pages his anger raised even more. May saw him from behind looking into Nina stuff so she informed Nina quickly about this. Nina almost ran towards her bedroom and saw Cassano still standing there. " Mr.Cassano UHM!" She said.

" NINA SEZE WOULD YOU LIKE TO TELL ME WHO IS THIS GUY?" he shouted with his full might. Nina didn't get to know what should she do know to save herself from him. Because his anger will kill her today. So she tied up her shoes and run away. She went into Cassano bedroom and opened the terrace door. She, then, climb up the barrier of the balcony.

" Nina get down your ass here today I'm gonna kill you" Cassano Physiological attack lingered on. But he was also a little scared to see her climbing up to high.

" Don't come near me I will jump and my murder will be blame on you Mr.Cassano" said Nina terrifyingly to see how much is height of the balcony. " You crazy girl get down!" Said Cassano standing few steps away from her.

" If I got down you will kill me, so it's better for me to jump from here" said Nina. Her legs was shaking to see her foots at the edge.

" Ahhhhhhh!" One foot of her slipped.