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My handcuffed Love

Section 8 - Episode 8

Anni Queen2022/06/23 17:57

Cassano was at his office place and the only member was left home alone was Nina Seze. No doubt there were servants but they can't forced her not to roam inside the residence. She visited the whole residence except the one room which was locked and pin code required to open it. When John was out of sight Nina came out of her bedroom sneak into the basement and started trying different pin codes. All of that was incorrect so she amused for a while and tried 0101 and bingo it opened. The code was his birthday. Nina come to know his birthday through internet. He is not only the star of business but also have a huge reputation and fame among internet society.

It was a really dark room. " It looked like a library" when she said this her voice echos. It means that only books and pictures was there like someone has kept it a secret. But she wasn't looking at the books. Her main attention was the painting right in front her, showing a lady sitting on the chair with a cute little child on her lap. Both was playing and teasing each other. She observed the painting and was taking forward steps to it but got stunned to see a hand approaching her shoulder. Someone hold her tight from the back. The grip was so strong that she can't even move. " What are you doing here Nina!?" Said Cassano. " I didn't touch anything leave me" said Nina struggling to get from his bare shoulders. " Nina the more you stay away from my things the more it's better for you" Cassano leaved her. Cassano took some back steps but stopped as a thing sudden popped up in his mind " wait wait wait! How did you know my passcode?" .

"It was pretty much easy Mr. Cassano anyone can guess that" she said in a teasing way. " I knew it was your birthday...no one keeps nowadays their birthday as passcode. Today was me and another day will be someone else so be careful" she said patting him on shoulder. She left the room hurriedly to avoid more investigations. While Cassano was giving a smile.

Then she took a round at the kitchen in order to visit May.

"What going on Nina" said May who was washing dishes. " May please tell me who was that woman in the painting I know the baby was Cassano I can guess from his broad eyes" Nina was sitting on the shelf. " Nina I don't know much about this but the old servants here used to talk that it was her mother" said May who was now drying the plates with the help of Nina. " May but the Google show his parents different " . " That's the thing Nina which confused us but we didn't want to interfere in his matter. If a poor person has problems in his life the rich families also had their other world issues. And tell me why are you taking interest in his life Maybe something going a ring in your heart" said May. " Don't even think about that May" said Nina who become mad to hear her words. " Okay now go and have some rest ".

( Outside the Study room)

" Sir I got a shocking news from Italy" said Uncle John. Cassano who was focused on his tablet moved his eyes upward. " Sir actually the guy which Miss Nina met two days before maybe caught into accident in Italy" said Uncle John.

" His name is Leo Seok right?"

Nina who was just passing by hear Leo from the room" what happened to Leo?" Nina was surprised. Cassano also stood up from his chair and reached up to Nina " I don't have exact information but maybe he got into an accident" said Cassano standing just in front of her.